I don’t know what it is about Metro Jams, but they’re always the most exciting contest.This year’s finals may have been the most exciting to date, even (keep in mind that I’ve only been to three Metros). The finals have been filmed in their entirety and will go up soon, so I’ll spare you (and me) the blow-by-blow and just give a couple of highlights from the top three guys.

Not sure what is going on here.  credit: Ryan Fudger

1st – Gary Young
Josh Harrington couldn’t ride due to that fall from qualifying, so we already knew there’d be a new Metro champion. Gary Young happened to be that guy: three-tables and opposite threes over the monster gap, huge whips off the jersey barrier, over double peg on the big wallride, and even a retarded, retarded, retarded, over toothpick on the same wall. No deck, at least 20 feet up there, on a slanted wall, and then back into a quarter. If it’s not making sense, then you should wait for the video, but Gary also won best trick in the contest for it.

2nd – Morgan Wade
Morgan Wade came out hot with a 720 over the monster gap, setting the tone for the last group. He then went on to flair the jersey barrier, tailwhip-to-icepick the big sub perfectly, flair whip a quarter-to-wedge, and even attempted to tailwhip-to-icepick the fence. It almost looked like he had it, but his brake lever broke when he went to go grab and that was the end of it. Morgan wasn’t too psyched. However, he did manage to pull off his brakes and do a nose manual-to-barspin and win the best trick contest.

Morgan Wade is an animal.  credit: Ryan Fudger

3rd – Rob Darden
Rob Darden rode amazing…pulling pretty much everything he tried first time. Well, except for when he tried to double whip the monster gap, decided that two whips were a bad idea and took it so hard that he left the course for a minute or two. But, he came back, pulled the double whip clean, and then went on to do a flair, a whip-to-manual, and more to get third.

Pro Class Top 10  credit: Ryan Fudger

Top ten are as follows:
Gary Young
Mordan Wade
Rob Darden
Alistair Whitton
Corey Bohan
Wade Lajlar
Drew Bezanson
Max Vincent
Dustin Guenther
Brian Hunt

Expert Class Winners  credit: Ryan Fudger

Girl’s Class Winners  credit: Ryan Fudger