2-HIp just picked up the street ripper, Marlon Europe from Brooklyn, NY,making the 2-HIp team just about the best team EVER.The 2-HIp goal is to sponsor a rider for each letter of the alphabet, as well as to sponsor every single amazing rider named Steve-O:

Jarrod Allen
Marlon Europe
Lino Gonzalez
Fro-nando Gutierrez
Benno Hankowetz
Jake Ortiz
Mauricio Ospina
Steve-o East Coast
Steve-o West Coast
Wakey.com(Matt Wakefield)

and we’re plannin’ a road trip to the Southern states in the Compound BMX motor home directly after Interbike in Begas — LOOK OUT, because when the team shows up at your spot, it will blow up and catch on fire.

Not passing up an opportunity to get all their best friends together for abig PARTY, Ron W. and bride Vanessa are having a WEDDING PARTY in Santa Cruzat the end of August and in Sao Paulo, Brazil early 2007. The August partywill have the illustrious Santa Cruz band, extra large, playing, and aselection of world-class San Francisco DJ’s playing tag-team sets all night.The invitees include Gumbyman Dave Nourie, Brian Blyther, Oscar Gonzalez,Drob, B-Dave, and Dave Voelker.

For 2007, 2-HIp is planning to add an 18″ Freestyle bike to its line-up, andwill have three bikes total in the under $300 price range in every color ofthe rainbow, and more…

2-HIp will also be creating a LINO GONZALEZ high-end signature bike, thatafter the popularity of the 2-HIp PLAYBOI bike, you can KNOW that in priceand spec together will be the best bike EVER for a reasonable price.

This is what happens when Scotty gets hold of some fake spray paint (it washes off). This is his Mom’s car.  credit: Press Release

The Under the Radar premier weekend went off in Massachusetts, Hawaii, andSanta Cruz. Expect more premiers in Berlin, Germany and in England comingupppp. The Santa Cruz premier was held at the Rio theatre, and had upwardsof 300 people in attendance. All was there except for Ron W. who was in thehospital with a BADLY INFECTED LEG from a previous injury, but after thedoctors would not let him leave, that did not stop him from welcoming all tothe premier by cell phone from laying on his hospital bed…

That’s all the 2-HIp news for the moment, as with there only being 24 hoursin a day, there is NO TIME to write anymore…