Ride October, 1998

The last aluminum frame you saw in Ride was designed for flatland only, but now Ron Wilkerson has taken things a step further with the 2-Hip Pork¿an aluminum jumping frame with huge, thick tubes and some serious construction. Can an aluminum frame hold up to street and dirt jumping? Cameron Birdwell’s been riding one for three months, so that should tell you something. Here’s Ron and Cameron’s take on aluminum and freestyle.


Why did you decide to do an aluminum freestyle frame? No one’s ever done it before¿like a crazy thick, fat, beefy one. And I figured, why not? I always thought that since aluminum is lighter, you could make it stupid thick¿the down tube is 1/8″-thick tubing. You can make everything crazy thick and fat, and it’s still gonna be light. Would you say that the aluminum bike is fine for street, dirt or whatever? It depends. We kind of made it for jumping. If you’re going to be hardcore street, I’d probably do chromoly, because we’re making one in chromoly, too. But I don’t know, because it’s an area that’s never been tested before. We’ve had riders on them for a long time now. Cam rides hard and cases everything and just goes off, and the bike he’s on is the first one he’s had. Dave Thom is on his first one, too, and he does sick street stuff. Talk to Cam, he’s stoked on it. It’s funny. When he first got it, every time I saw him he was like, “Dude, this bike rules. This is the best bike I ever had.” Because it’s aluminum, it’s a lot stiffer. He had those Peregrine Phat Jack wheels with 12-gauge spokes, and then with the Pork frame the thing was crazy stiff. He would just go off… No one’s ever done this before so we were kind of curious ourselves. We made every single thing super crazy fat and thick, and it’s been really good. And also, the next one’s we’re producing are going to have a chromoly insert in the head tube¿not that we had any problems with that. We just wanted to be safe, and we thought of that idea. So it’s going to be even stronger.

BIRDWELL’S VERSIONHow old are you? Nineteen years old. How long have you been riding for Ron? Four years in November. What did you think when he told you he had an aluminum frame for you to ride? I thought I was gonna snap my neck laughs. How long have you been riding this frame? Three months. No problems? No problems. Is there anything on it you would change? Um, just to have the chromoly model as an alternate for burlier riders, but the frame does me fine right now. Skateparks, jumps, everything? Everything. It’s holding up great.

oHead tube angle: 74.5°
oSeat tube angle: 71°
oTop tube length: 20″
oChainstay length: 14″
oTop tube O.D.: 2″
oDown tube O.D.: 2″
oColors: Flat black, hazard yellow, or polished
oWeight: 5 pounds, 3 ounces
oFrame price: $312.95 (aluminum or chromoly); Chromoly fork is $72.95 extra
oWarranty: Lifetime for manufacturer defects
oContact: (415) 431-5723; www.2hip.com