About The Contest

We saw a lot of incredible riding and a wide variety of styles—in both the riding and videos—from the 2018 Mongoose Jam Video Battle. While all six videos are awesome, there can only be one winner. The time has come to vote for your favorite edit from the 2018 Mongoose Jam. Re-watch the videos and cast your vote below. You have the power to give the winning team $2,000…

Featured Teams

    • Team Ben Wallace

      Bio: Team Wallace enters the virtual BMX world with their Mongoose Jam 2018 video. You'll see Ben Wallace, Morgan Wade, Matt Ray and camper Alex McCheyne do things that really do belong in a video game. Videographer Mike King came up with this concept and executed it perfectly.

    • Team Greg Illingworth

      Bio: What do you get when you mix the riding of Greg Illingworth, Sergio Layos, Kevin Kalkoff, and camper Kyus Kimler with the vision and filming of Rich Forne? One amazing video jam packed with full speed lines, blasted airs, wild transfers, and more!

    • Team Kevin Peraza

      Bio: This video has it all; a great feel to it, humor, good music and spot on editing from team videographer, Peter Adam. Oh! Let's not forget the incredible riding from Kevin Peraza, Mark Burnett, Jacob Bailey and camper Brendan Powell. Team Peraza's edit is so good you would think it was all a dream.

    • Team Nikita Ducarroz

      Bio: This was the first year for Team Ducarroz at Mongoose Jam. Featuring Nikita Ducarroz, Gary Young, Brad Simms, and camper Kole Voelker, watch as they throw down some serious moves all over Woodward Camp in Pennsylvania! Each rider gives you their own perspective of this amazing place. Watch the video filmed and cut by George Jenkins.

    • Team Pat Casey

      Bio: Team Casey delivers some of the hardest combos and synchronized riding of the Mongoose Jam 2018. Pat Casey, Reed Stark, Alex Leibrock and camper Noah Miranda bring a well-rounded mix of styles and tricks and JC Pieri delivers some top-notch filming and editing with some thing a little strange in the intro.

    • Team Paul Ryan

      Bio: Team Ryan brings you a throwback look at what it was like filming in the earlier days of BMX. Watch as Paul Ryan, Ben Lewis, Jordon Godwin and camper Blake Rankin get some amazing clips around Woodward Camp for Mongoose Jam 2018. Caluam Earnshaw captures everything in this fun video.