About The Contest

The time has come to vote for your favorite edit from the 2017 Mongoose Jam. This year’s “video battle” format culminated in a wide variety of progressive riding from the five teams. And with various filming and editing techniques, the resulting team videos have five completely different vibes… But which one was your favorite? Re-watch the videos and cast your vote below. You have the power to give the winning team $2,000…

Featured Teams

    • Team Ben Wallace

      Bio: Go big or go home with Team Wallace. Mongoose’s Ben Wallace’s Mongoose Jam 2017 team comprised of master blaster Larry Edgar, captain nice guy Nick Bruce, camper Ren Ota, and Christian Rigal was on board to capture and cut.

    • Team Greg Illingworth

      Bio: For Mongoose Jam 2017 Team Illingworth went beyond simply killing it on their bikes and they had some fun with their video by adding in a little skit. With Greg Illingworth’s speed and style, Van Homan’s legendary full throttle burly action, new-school tech wiz Murray Loubser, and camper Jack Seeley with some street steez, every obstacle at Woodward was open game. South African lensman Kevin Schnider nailed it with the camera work, making a unique video that is fun to watch.

    • Team Kevin Peraza

      Bio: You already know Kevin Peraza had a smile on his face all week during the Mongoose Jam. The Team Peraza video features Kevin and his brother, Victor Peraza, Mike Gray, and Woodward camper Oliver Foster having loads of fun while shredding everything in sight. The feel good vibe of Team Peraza’s video was shot and edited by Juani Zurita.

    • Team Pat Casey

      Bio: Featuring Pat Casey, Mike Varga, Jack Clark, and camper Jake Senger. These guys threw down some serious moves all over Woodward East—and from the looks of it they had plenty of fun while doing it. Check out the video filmed and cut by Brandon Means.

    • Team Paul Ryan

      Bio: Featuring Mongoose’s Paul Ryan and crew, Kriss Kyle, Lahsaan Kobza, Woodward camper TJ Ettinger, and filmer/editor Matty Lambert. Team Paul Ryan made the most of the Woodward summer and kept their session to whatever was rideable outside only. While some would see that as limiting with so many indoor options at their disposal, with a crew like that there are no limitations.