Age: 17

Location: Kennewick, Washington

Sponsors: Fiend, Animal

"I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first had this 17 year-old kid coming to stay with me for a month. The new generation of kids can be a lot different then what I’m used to hanging around, but this was not the case. Johnny doesn’t need any intro about his riding—it speaks for itself and that’s just what he does. He’s an ultimate chiller who gets it; he’s an old soul in a young body and the future’s looking bright for him. In my opinion, he’s the most talented am out right now.—Garrett Reynolds

Photos by Chris Eiland


"Raekes hails from Kennewick, Washington, a small town on the east side of the state hundreds of miles from the nearest filmer, photographer, or legitimate street spot. Under these circumstances, recognition and sponsorship would’ve been next to impossible ten years ago, but with the help of social media and his local stomping grounds, Richland skatepark (his only place to ride), thousands of people began taking notice via Instagram. Johnny has been to California three times over the past year and it’s been a pleasure getting to know him both on and off the bike. When he’s not riding, he’s a pretty mellow kid and can usually be found doing one of three things…eating a veggie sandwich, watching the latest WWE SmackDown, or fiending to catch a session. On his bike he’s anything but tame, always taking a few extra cranks at every setup, no matter how big or small, resulting in a confident, powerful style. With more bike control than a seasoned pro and such mastery of his entire bag of progressive combos, it’s not unusual to see him one-up a video part clip before the camera has even left the bag. Raekes is quite possibly the most naturally talented bike rider I’ve ever worked with, a definite legend in the making and an absolutely perfect addition to the Fiend team." —Sauce

"The crew always has long, critical, and sometimes brutal discussions when the topic of a new addition to the Fiend team comes up. And usually, the outcome is passing on rider after rider due to something just not feeling right. Everyone involved with the brand is tight knit with such a long history together that we are always a little hesitant letting someone new join the family. The exception has been Washington’s Johnny Raekes. Johnny was already on everyone’s radar from his consistent impressive video posts on his Instagram feed (@raekes_bmx), so when JJ [Palmere] mentioned that Johnny was into the brand it was a unanimous decision to get him affiliated right away. The kid obviously has something special when it comes to riding, but there is a lot more to being supported by a brand than being really good on a bike. Personality is equally important, and judging from the time I have spent with Johnny, he fits in perfectly. Johnny reminds me of Ty [Morrow] at his age; a polite, laid back, messy-haired kid who’s riding is beyond his years and does much of the talking for him. Everyone at Fiend is proud to have him as part of our small family, and at just 17 years old, it will be interesting to see what JR brings to BMX and what BMX brings to him in the years to come. It’s an honor to present a glimpse into the future of BMX, Johnny Raekes..." —Tony Ennis

Photo Captions

1. Right after we got kicked out of El Toro for the whole Juice tailwhip shenanigans, we figured we’d cruise over to this school to snag a clip. Believe it or not, Johnny warmed up with a few bar ices—which for a normal person would be a clip all its own—then proceeded to get this crankflip-to-ice. 2. This clip happened while we were trying to finish up for Monster Mash during a typical Common Crew night session. Ten homies all getting clips with both Sauce and Francis clocking-in clips. Raekes was a little nervous to throw the 180 bar, but with a lot of moral support, he tossed ’em and rolled out clean. 3. This rail is so long that Johnny had to pedal as fast as he could each try, resulting in a lot of breaks and a nice tan for Sauce and I. I think the hardest part for him was just getting up the rail so that he could hard 180 crankflip out. 4. Sauce has been showing this spot to the Common dudes for over a year and Johnny was the first one to even consider it due to a shitty run up and its unique shape. They went a few days beforehand and tried to get the clip, but the business owner kicked them out, so we came back on a weekend and he stomped the whip right after the sun dipped below the horizon with only a few minutes before the VX couldn’t hang any longer.