Age: 20

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Sponsors: S&M, Goods, Animal, Emperial Glass, G-Form

"In the short time I’ve known Hobie I’ve had to pick my jaw up off the floor more times than I can remember—and I’m not the only one. Every spot this kid encounters he nonchalantly utterly annihilates. Hobie’s skill on a BMX bike makes it easy for you to pay attention to him. And his enthusiasm, appreciation, and awesome attitude make it even easier for you to like him. I had Hobie on my radar after my initial exposure to him at the first Tip Plus Ham-Am jam in 2014. A year later he showed up and killed it again, only this time he stuck around town long enough for me to actually meet him. Hobie has been holding down some floor space at the Cement Face house in Long Beach for a few weeks, where he’s been blazing through the streets, making friends, having fun, and filming for the S&M DVD and his Ride Spotlight. So rest assured you’ll be seeing a lot more of Hobie in 2016." ­­

Photography & Words by Jeff Zielinski


"I was introduced to Hobie on a filming trip for the new S&M video. He was the young kid on the team that Dylan Ambrose had scouted out. At the time I wasn’t familiar with his riding at all and had no clue what to expect. I knew he was from Oregon so I assumed he’d have the Northwest speed and appreciation of classic tricks done well. A few days in, it became apparent that not only did Hobie personify a new version of the Northwest style, but that he’s an expert at pretty much every subdivision of street riding, too. For this reason, I never hesitate to call shit out for him to try when I see a spot I think he’d handle and he has never failed to handle it. On the last two S&M trips I’ve had the pleasure of filming “Hobie 2.0,” the updated version that invents tricks and learns them first try on camera. He put the fourth peg on and his switch grinds instantly looked as natural as those on his left. He has numerous markings of a great rider and I would put “willingness to try new things” toward the top of that list. He doesn’t look at the reasons why something won’t work, he focuses on the reasons it will and makes it happen through sheer determination plus insane adjustments in his body/bike positioning. If you’ve been lucky enough to see it in person, you know exactly what I mean." —Charlie Crumlish

"Confidence in your ability is what can take a rider from good to great. Hobie’s confidence in his riding does just that and has me catching myself not trying to question him while we are out filming. The way he approaches a spot is a treat to watch. He looks at the obstacle as if he has done the trick he is thinking of a thousand times before—even if we just stumbled upon it five minutes before. Hobie is definitely a true Oregon rider, priding himself on being well rounded. No matter what you put in front of him—dirt, concrete—and especially street—he will approach it all with that quiet confidence that lets the riding do the talking. Hobie’s cheerful outlook and adventurous nature will take him far. Combine that with the talent and confidence he has and I’m sure he is headed towards a great BMX adventure." —Shad Johnson, Goods bmx

Photo Captions

1. Rail-to-rail-to-invisible launch ramp. Hobie surprised the shit out of everyone when he boosted this Euro over the small gap into the street. He literally landed out of frame for the photo. 2. High pressure and highly steep switch tooth-hanger inside a small / quiet apartment complex. Hobie stomped it, one and done. 3. Often pondered, never attempted. A terrible runway and that pole on the landing has kept this Long Beach setup untouched—until Hobie and his massive hops came into town. 4. The ever-present Hobie hop… manual on the pipe-to-toboggan.