Zigzain is a designer from Russia that loves bikes and does a lot of 3D modeling of bikes. His latest digital model is of this crazy hubless bike that is powered by a driveshaft…


Some images of this concept bike started floating around the Internet this past weekend on sites like fallingpixel.com and gizmodo.com. They look super wild, and while I can’ ever imagine a time when something like this would actually work for the type of freestyle BMX riding that we do, the concept of a hubless rim does actually work. Just check out the YouTube video below for proof…

So where exactly does this type of concept BMX bike fit in? I’m not the one to answer that, but I’m all about the idea of thinking outside the box, getting wild with things, and seeing where they lead. Who knows what this kind of ideas this concept drawing may spark in people… What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments!


Check out more of Zigzain’s work on his blog.

All images yoinked from the sites linked above.