We’re proud to announce a new addition to the Ride team.He goes by Fat Tony and he’s our new Associate Web Editor. He’s neither fat, nor a Tony, but that’s not important. What is important is that with this addition to Ride you’ll be seeing a whole lot more on RideBMX.com from now on. If you’ve been hitting up our site in the past week or two you’ve seen a number of daily updates and features. Well, that’s just the beginning. Start coming back multiple times a day and you’ll be sure to find something new. Bookmark ridebmx.com and spread the word; we’ve got tons of new photos, videos, how-tos, news, and more. You’ll also be seeing some cosmetic changes soon, as well as a complete redesign coming down the road. Read on to see what we’ve got in store for the site, and feel free to send in your photos and videos to Fat to be posted on RideBMX.com. Check it out …

Early morning self portrait in my cube.  credit: Fat Tony

Here is what you can look forward to each week at RideBMX.com:
Monday – Video: Not just a clip or two, but a well-edited film of contest footy, random riding or whatever. You’ll enjoy these for sure.
Tuesday – Pro Bike Check: Tired of waiting each month for a bike check in the mag? Then this is your place.
Wednesday – 8 Questions with a Pro: These probably won’t give you insight to a deeper realm, but they are sure to be fun and entertaining.
Thursday – How-To: Either photos or videos of something you want to learn.
Friday – Photos of Hot Chicks: Something sure to soar to the top of our charts.
Saturday – Special Photo Gallery from our Archives: Older photos from the file cabinets here at Ride.
Sunday – Desktop Wallpapers: Download Ride photos as wallpaper for your PC.

In addition to these weekly specials, here are things you can expect new on a daily basis:
– Daily Photo Gallery: Could be random riding photos, from an event, your photos, pix of gear or parts … or anything else we decide to put up.
– Daily Video: This may be a short clip, a trailer, or your video that you have sent in.
– Crash Of The Day: Either a photo or a short video clip.
– Ride Staff Update: See what the Ride employees are up to on a daily basis.
– Latest Industry News
– Event info
– And Much More!

We will constantly have updates on the site, so don’t just look at the center section of the homepage. Take time to explore the NEWS, BIZ NEWS and EVENTS sections on the right side of the page, as well as content in the navigation bar to the left of the page.

Along with all of our latest updates and new changes, we are asking for you to send us your photos and videos. We would like to feature local riders through photo galleries and amateur video. To submit your photos or video, please size photos to 72 dpi and 800 pixels wide. With each photo, please include the rider and photographer’s name and the location of the photo. For videos, please use “Broadband – Medium” settings to compress them using the .mov file extension. Send all photos and videos to [email protected]. Remember to put either PHOTOS or VIDEO in the subject line.

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