The holidays are coming up quick, don’t be caught empty handed when the day comes! Check out this list of stocking stuffers under $30 that any BMX rider would be stoked on!



It’s no secret that it takes a certain amount of maintenance to keep plastic pegs and hub guards running properly. The more you grind, the more often these parts need to be replaced. Fortunately, using plastic materials keep these bike parts very affordable.  Shop all pegs here, guards here, and wax here

Animal’s “Benny” pegs come in 4″ or 4.5″ and offer 7075 aluminum core with a nylon based blend in the sleeve to keep you grinding for miles.
Federal Bikes has universal hub guards built for your non drive side and drive side. 
The G Sport Gland Mark IV is an ever-classic guard for all hubs front or rear.
To give rough ledges or tacky rails that extra slide, wax is a must! The Eclat section wax allows small sections to be broken off so you can bring a bit out with you every time you ride!


Being apart from a decent set of tools can be a bike maintenance nightmare. Whether you catch a flat tire at a spot or your bars slip after a rough landing, having a set of reliable tools on hand in a must for any rider.  Shop for a full range of tools right here.

A 5-pack of tubes from The Source ensure you’ll be rolling smooth for the foreseeable future!

Not only is this key chain from Eclat stylish, it’s spoke wrench feature gives it extra practicality.

This tool kit from has all your bases covered when it comes to assembling or maintaining your ride.



Odyssey has a pair (one flashing and one constant) of LED bike lights that will you keep you safe and ticket-free while cruising the streets at night.




Installing a fresh set of bearings in your bottom bracket or head tube is a sure fire way to have your bike feeling dialed in no time. As luck would have it, it’s also relatively inexpensive. Frames most commonly use a Mid bottom bracket size but come in a variety of sizes, as do crank spindles which come in 19mm or 22mm. Both are important details to double check before ordering a bottom bracket. Check out the full range of headsets and bottom brackets right here.

BSD’s Highriser offers an integrated headset which also includes an extra tall spacer to help give the handlebars some extra height.

Profile’s Mid 19mm Bottom Bracket ensures a smooth crank stroke and also comes in a few dope colors!



Grips are one of two ways riders connect with the bike, so making the right choice is key! Thankfully brands these days offer a wide variety of grip patterns, rubber compounds, girth and colors which all come into play with comfort and durability. Shop all grips.

S&M Mike Hoder grips rock a super soft ODI compound but manage to keep durability at a maximum. Not to mention there are eight different colors to choose from!

Animal’s Edwin grips are one of the most popular BMX grips of all time, hands down. These grip feature a mushroom design pattern for an ultra comfortable feel, plus come with Animal’s sewer cap bar ends!




If you’ve ever had your bike stolen, then you really, really want to make sure that it never happens again. But, bike locks can be a pain. Odyssey makes two smaller locks that are both under $30. The Slugger U-Lock is a lightweight aluminum u-lock that should deter most bike thieves that don’t have a pair of bolt cutters in their back pocket.


The Retractable Kable Lock from Odyssey is meant to be a deterent. Small, light, able to fit in your pocket, use the RKL when you’re running into the store for a minute or to even lock your bag to a pole while you’re riding a spot. And it comes with a few stickers to switch up the tape recorder look if you have no idea what that is…




Good grip, never slip. It’s hard to find a pair of plastic pedals that aren’t under $30, and with a wide variety of options including removable pins, slim profile, and loads of colors, it’s never been easier to find a pair of dialed pedals! Shop all pedals at our online store.

Eclat’s low profile Contra pedals offer removable pins on one side to provide grip, leaving the other side available for pedal grinds.




A good beanie is nearly essential for any street rider during the winter season, plus it’s a good way to rep your favorite brands. Check out all the beanies, five-panels, dad hats and snapbacks..

S&M’s embroidered Shield beanie perfect for riding in the winter season.




Videos are a great way to keep the stoke high during freezing temps in the middle of winter. You can pre-order our new 50 minute film, Headlights, directly on itunes or you can browse the full selection of DVD’s here.