X2day will be airing their take on the 2000 Summer X Games this month on ESPN and ESPN2.

The program will show excerpts of Bicycle Stunt Vert with Dave Osoto, Allan Cooke and Colin MacKay. For Bicycle Stunt Dirt Jumping X2day will have Reuel Erickson, Chad Kagy, Matt Beringer, Van Homan and Robbie Morales. Finally, T.J. Lavin and Mike Escamilla will be featured in the Park section.
The airtimes are as follows:

9/13 WED 4:30pm eastern/1:30pm pacific ESPN
9/15 FRI 1am eastern/10pm pacific on Thursday ESPN2
9/17 SUN 1:30pm eastern/10:30pm pacific ESPN2
9/24 SUN 1pm eastern/10am pacific ESPN
9/28 THU 11pm eastern/8pm pacific ESPN2