The Big Air contest capped off X Games 12 today in Carson, California at the Home Deopt Center.Four riders took three turns each rolling in the three-story roll-in, jumping the 50-foot double and airing the 27-foot quarter pipe. In the end, Kevin Robinson’s no-handed flip followed by a no-handed flair was enough to beat out Chad Kagy’s backflip double tailwhip and double tailwhip air. The crowd booed Kagy’s second place finish, thinking he should have won, but on both huge tricks Kagy’s feet slipped off the pedals a little bit. Allan Cooke pulled an x-up flip in his first run then went down twice trying a double tailwhip over the 50-footer. This was the first time Morgan Wade had ridden a ramp this monstrous but he still rode it like a pro, pulling a clean superman whip and a 360.

The Big Air podium along with the X Games media frenzy.  credit: Fat Tony

After the contest was over, Kagy and Robinson did side-by-side flips over the jumps as a crowd pleaser. Since this event was only televised through Pay-Pre-View, many of you probably didn’t get a chance to watch it. But fear not, we filmed some practice and the finals and will have a video up soon.

Chad Kagy in the middle of a backflip double tailwhip over the 50-foot ramp in the finals.  credit: Fat Tony

1 – Kevin Robinson
2 – Chad Kagy
3 – Allan Cooke
4 – Morgan Wade

Allan Cooke getting ready to drop in. This is a serious ramp, kids.  credit: Fat Tony