I’m still sitting in front of the dirt jumps at the Los Angeles Staples Center as I type this.There is too much going on to even hear myself think. But here it goes … highlights from this evening’s dirt contest in order of how the rider placed.

Second place winner, Ryan Nyquist in the middle of a trick that has never been done at the X Games before: 720 barspin.  credit: Fat Tony

– Corey Bohan pulled solid runs (obviously) including flips, whips, 360 variations (in both directions) and more.
– Ryan Nyquest pulled the X Games’ first ever 720 barspin.
– Anthony Napolitan pulled runs like a no-handed frontflip, double tailwhip, and a 360-whip.
– Chris Doyle rode first in the contest and came out with a flawless run. However he couldn’t put together a full run after his first.
– Ryan Guettler came to the X Games with a pink bike (as Morgan Wade predicted in his bike check last week on our site) and rode well like always — pulling frontflips, 360-whips, 720s and more.- Mike Aitken 180-lookbacked the third jump and pulled the rollback clean, even as he rolled backwards up the wooden roll-in.
– Allan Cooke showed up with a bronze plated bike and pulled a superman seatgrab backflip over the third set.
– Luke Parslow pulled his runs consistently in practice but the 360-whip over the last set was giving him troubles and he couldn’t hold it together when it counted.
– Cameron White pulled a triple tailwhip (which has never been done at the X Games) over the first set perfectly in all three of his runs. Unfortunately he never put a full run together. His attempts at a huge frontflip transfer held him back.
– Cory Nastazio did a did a backflip over the first set in his first run and couldn’t land smooth enough to clear the second jump. Then in a practice run between other riders, he bailed on a frontflip and sat out the rest of the contest. His ACL injury was obviously keeping him down.

Check back often for more photos, highlights, results and possibly video from X Games 12.

Corey Bohan warming up for his winning runs.  credit: Fat Tony