Everyone knew to keep an eye on Garrett Reynolds today as he had already won 6 X Games gold medals in Street in the past, so no one was surprised when he dropped hammer after hammer, pulling almost everything he tried flawlessly on the first try.

Corey Martinez was riding with hurt ribs and didn’t pull as many tricks as he did yesterday. He came really close to doing a up rail to Luc-e to 180 up the biggest rail though.

Brian Kachinsky was on fire today. He manualed the big rail again and did his nolli to grind variations again too.

Nathan Williams was yesterday’s second place qualifier and pulled a lot of the same tricks he did yesterday. He also did an incredible feeble grind to gap to nose wheelie down the ledge and was trying an icepick to 180 down the long rail but never quite got it.

Van Homan did a straight hop manual down one of the big rails and did a Derek Duster down the big rail in addition to repeating a bunch of his big tricks from yesterday.

Ty Morrow really put it together today and pulled most of his stuff on the first try. His huge 360 down the stairs over the hubba ledge was insane and his opposite 360 down the big stair set was super wild too.

Garrett Reynolds is the man. Period. No-hander to icepick, barspin to icepick, nose manual to barspin…his trick list from today could fill a book.

We won’t bore you with details right now, so just look back late tonight for the video!

X Games 15 – Street Final Results
1. Garrett Reynolds – 419
2. Ty Morrow – 412
3. Van Homan – 403
4. Nathan Williams – 395
5. Brian Kachinsky – 387
6. Corey Martinez – 379

Photo by Fat.