Words: The Battle Between Odyssey & Sunday

One house, two teams, four months. The Odyssey Vs Sunday videos dropped an hour ago and while most of you probably know that Odyssey and Sunday are sister brands, I figured it may be a good idea to drop a few questions with the team manager, filmer, and human-wrangler behind the project, Walter Pieringer. Plus, I have a few photos from when I hung out at the house for a couple days worth posting, too…

Can you explain the whole Odyssey vs Sunday concept for those who haven’t already caught on?
We had a house in Providence, RI over the summer that all the Odyssey and Sunday team riders could visit any time they wanted. We filmed all summer and each team put out a video with their best footage, and viewers can vote on which video they like most. The winning team gets a trip anywhere in the world!

How did the idea come about?
We shoot most of our videos on trips, which makes sense and is awesome, but the biggest downside is a trip puts a time crunch on the riders – they have a week or whatever to throw down on whatever spots we come across. Having everyone come out to a home base for a longer period of time is a lot more relaxed – we’re not going out and filming all day every day, and the riders have more time to chill and more time to seek out spots they’re stoked on.

Aside from that, I think introducing a lighthearted competitive aspect into a project is fun and gives the riders just a little extra motivation to go in. The Lunch Money project we did a couple years ago was probably the most productive trip I’ve ever been on, and while Odyssey vs Sunday is very different, in some ways it builds off of and improves upon that concept. Nobody takes the competition very seriously of course, but it does add an interesting component to the project and to the final videos.

Did everything go according to plan?
Yeah for the most part, I think the biggest surprise was how much everybody wanted to film – I figured with all the riders being out here for a while they wouldn’t want to go out every day, but everyone was all about filming as much as they possibly could…. they didn’t want to chill, they didn’t want to mess around with VX clips, they just wanted to film hammers. No complaints here, we ended up with a huge amount of incredible footage. Together the videos are 30 minutes long, so we basically shot a DVD over the summer.

Gary and Aaron both ride for both Odyssey and Sunday; how did they decide what team to be on?
Aaron suggested that since he’s been on Sunday longer than Gary has, and Gary has been on Odyssey longer than Aaron has, it made the most sense for Aaron to have a part in the Sunday video and Gary have a part in the Odyssey video. I think regardless of which team wins, they’ll both get to go on the trip…. it’d be weird to have the whole team present minus one important member. I guess that’s a perk of 10+ years of riding for both companies, ha.

It all went down in Providence, Rhode Island…which I think few people would think was an obvious choice. Why Providence?
Providence is actually really cool – it’s got a lot of character, the weather is beautiful in the summer, and there are a ton of good spots. I’ve been coming here pretty regularly for the past five years to shoot with Chris Childs, so I knew there was a bunch of stuff to ride. Plus everything is so close in the Northeast – we did regular trips to Boston, New York City, and probably a dozen other nearby cities, towns, and colleges. Even with all the traveling to surrounding areas, most of the project was filmed on Providence spots – it really is a great city to ride.

I know spots get worn out in Southern California and make it pretty hard to find something worth filming; did it get harder for the guys to stack clips as the project moved on?
Not really – in fact, we filmed more clips in the final month than any other. With riders coming in and out all the time, they always had fresh takes even on heavily sessioned spots. There were definitely a few staple spots where a bunch of guys filmed clips, and it’s cool to see all the different ways they dreamed up to use them.

How long did the whole project last? Who spent the least amount of time at the house and who spent the most?
We shot for four months. Justin Spriet and Jared Duncan tied for most time out here – a hefty 62 days. Mark Burnett had a busy summer and wasn’t able to make it out as much as he would have liked, but he still came through with one of the strongest parts in the videos.

Is there any actual rivalry between the teams? It seems like the dudes have been enjoying the shit talk…
Nah it was all fun and games, as far as I saw everybody got along great and just enjoyed hamming up the competition aspect. One of the coolest things about this project is guys from opposing teams who don’t usually get to interact much had a chance to hang out and ride together.

Has there been any talks about where each team would want to go if they won?
Not really that I’ve heard; maybe they thought it was bad luck or presumptuous to think that far ahead. I have no doubts the winning team will come up with a fire destination.

The dirty question: who are you voting for?
Ha, I’ll skip voting, both teams fucking killed it and I think it’s a pretty even matchup. Fun fact, after four months of shooting and all the song choices and editing decisions that could be made, the two videos ended up being almost exactly the same length – Sunday’s is one second longer than Odyssey’s, completely on accident. That blew my mind, and like I said – it’s a pretty even matchup.