Stallion Springs, CA — The West Coast’s prime location to ride just got better.Hangar 18, Woodward West’s premier 54,000-square-foot indoor park, has undergone some serious changes. The Enterprise and Junkyard have also been improved. The Enterprise and Junkyard are also undergoing changes. Riders and campers have a fresh terrain to ride, including new lines, transfers, and features that will take all inline skaters, BMXers, and skaters to the next level no matter what their skill level.

“We’ve incorporated more obstacles, and made changes to open up different lines to make things flow better in addition to the recent changes made to the Hangar’s Big Street Course, Actions Sports Director Ron Kimler said. “We really wanted to give everyone what they are looking for in that area and it has the potential to take kids to the next step.

In addition to Hangar 18, The Enterprise and The Junkyard were upgraded with different edges and ramps to make the parks flow and look better overall. Additions were made to The Junkyard, which has a street atmosphere, to develop it into a real feature of the overall rideability of the parks.

Making improvements is a yearlong design process involving multiple pros and riders. Pro BMX rider Nate Wessel helped contribute to the current evolution of Hangar 18, the Enterprise, and the Junkyard. Kimler said it is a joint effort to constantly change and develop the vision to come up with something different every year to keep the parks always fresh, always improving. In addition to Wessel and Kimler, campers, visitors, and pros contribute ideas throughout the year, as well as pro inline skater Richie Velasquez, pro BMX rider Shawn Dorton, and pro skateboarder Neal Hendrix.

“Woodward wants the riding experience to be right and innovative. We have the freedom to create the coolest things we can imagine without too many limits. The design process is collaborative and open to adjustments even as we are building, we can improvise and adapt as we go, Kimler said. “People respect what Woodward has created in the past and we’re open to input and incorporate everyone’s ideas and Woodward allows us to do it right; that’s why it’s fun.

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