NORA front stage circa 2009 in Vegas. Photo: Fudger

This isn't meant to be a press release or really anything formal, but as the last few weeks have gone on, I've been asked several times about NORA cup this year. As you may or may not already know, Texas Toast is not happening. I try not to think of it as a reflection of BMX not being in a good spot, but maybe not appreciating something until it's gone. With mainstream events dropping portions of BMX, "we" need to support our own core events in any way possible. I could pontificate more and probably make someone angry, but hey, what's done is done this year and it's undeniable that Texas Toast was the best weekend of the year that leaves a huge hole in the second half of everyone's year. I sure am bummed.

That hole also puts us in a spot, as we have to search for a new home for NORA Cup on a relative short notice. I truly believe NORA to be an important part of BMX history. It's our chance to give distinction to the people that are pushing BMX today and also honor our heroes from BMX's past. Stating the obvious here, but this will be the 19th annual NORA Cup, so we're clearly around for the long haul. While I have many "perfect" scenarios I would love to see NORA grow into—create our own event, make a weekend out of it…do something undeniably BMX—truthfully, we're scrambling and had to make a decision this week about a direction that is safe. We'll save the goals for an other time. So, we're going back to Las Vegas during Interbike. NORA will be a fucking party—a great one with a thousand friends in one spot—just like it's always been, I guarantee it. So, I encourage everyone to book their tickets to Vegas this year from September 16th-19th, look at some product, lose some money, and let's have a damn good time…

More details to come soon… Cheers, everyone!

Check Odyssey’s official statement about Texas Toast…


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That moment when Doyle won in 2010… so good. Photo: Carlos Ortega.