We just got in the newest issue (June ’07, Issue 133) and it looks amazing.It is our first Buyer’s Guide issue and features more than 704 new products including frames, forks, components, shoes, clothing and other gear. And of course, there are some great action shots in there too.

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On The Cover:
Chester Blacksmith scores this month’s cover with a huge, scary over grind on a rail-to-drop off into a bank. Photo by Fudger.

Ride BMX Magazine – Issue 133 – June 2007 – Chester Blacksmith, Hop-Over Grind  credit: Ryan Fudger

– Departments –

Up Front:
X Games cuts dirt from the BMX line-up and six pros give their thoughts on the subject. Plus an injury report with seven of your favorite pros who are down and out. Also, staff picks with the editors, Karl Poynter interview about being on Shadow, Mike Spinner and the first 1080 ever pulled, Wormz on FBM and Brian Hunt on DK.

You send ’em in and Fudger answers them. And for once he is pretty nice to you guys. Well, most of you anway…

Pro Q&A – Bike Shops and Mail Orders
Shop and mail order company owners Shad Johnson, Van Homan, Jim Cielencki, Fuzzy Hall, Chad Degroot, Dan’s Comp and others answer your questions about buy parts.

10 To End
The ten most important BMX parts of all time as voted on by the pros.

– Features –

The 2007 Buyer’s Guide – 704 Products!
– Frames (6 pages of them!)
– Bars
– Hubs
– Seatposts
– Forks
– Grips
– Shoes
– Sprockets
– Brakes and Brake Accessories
– Stems
– Cranks
– Pedals
– Jeans
– Wheelsets
– Backpacks
– Knee/Shin/Ankle/Elbow Pads and Gloves
– Tires
– Rims
– Chains
– Seats
– Clothing
– Pegs
– Bar Ends
– Miscellaneous Parts and Accessories (Hub guards, headsets, bottom brackets, tools, glasses, wallets and more!)
– Helmets
– Seatpost Clamps


– DC poster with Dave Mirra and Allan Cooke.
– Taj Mihelich breaks down bike parts, shows gear ratios, explains angles and more.
– Awesome action shots of your favorite pros from each riding discipline and great ads from the companies you love!

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