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The November ’07 issue of Ride ships to subscribers today and will hit the newsstands on October 2nd. This month we have a Profile road trip story, a Putt Putt article, Sheep Hills reunion photos, some shorts with Dave Mirra, Nathan Penonzek, and Gary Young, plus tons more!

Ride BMX Magazine – Issue 138 – November 2007 – Chris Doyle – 360 Invert  credit: Ryan Fudger

On the Cover: Chris Doyle flows through some dirt jumps and floats a stylish 360 invert. Photo by Ryan Fudger.

– Departments –

Up Front:
Sponsor changes, injuries, fine print about anything and everything, a Redline Link correction, and the announcement of a DC/SE PK Ripper raffle for the Stephen Murray Fund (to be given away at this year’s NORA Cup party in Las Vegas).

Pro Q&A – Gary Young:
He can’t do triple whips and he can’t do a flip whip. Hell, he can’t really even backflip, but Gary Young does consistently well at all the big-show contests, and even better in that ditch down the street from his house. Nine of our readers ask him questions, and he answers them all.

The latest and greatest including a Premium stem, Colony pegs, Animal seats, a Microsfot Zune, Oakley shades, 43 Bolts, Shadow grips and seats, Subrosa bars, Vans shoes, and Round Wheels.

Musician and rider, Scott Foster talks about his top 5 shows, musicians, and albums.

We switched things up this month and had the riders talk about their photo. Chester Blacksmith, Randy Brown, Dave Osato, Brian Kachinsky, and Cameron Wood tell the story behind the photos.

Our loyal and loving readers wrote in about contests ideas, Scotty Cranmer’s tailwhips, drivetrain-less riding, grind stoppers, corporate BMX, and more.

Ten To End – Dave Mirra:
Dave wakes up early to ride, tends to his family, makes sure things are running smoothly with Mirraco, and jots down answers to our monthly ten questions. (Side note: There are three ads in this issue featuring Dave doing his no-handed 360 backflip.)

– Features –

Profile’s Tulsa Sessions – A Tale of Tornados, Turtle Dances, Legs N’ Eggs, Chiggers, & More:
Keith Mulligan documented their journey with his cameras, and the team documented their experiences through lots of interesting and funny bullet points.

(Putt) Put In Work:
Lots and lots of work went into making an abandoned putt-putt course a riding spot. Aaron Bostrom, Adam Banton, Jim Bauer, and KC Badger enjoy the fruits of their labor while producing some crazy, colorful photos.

Sheep Hills Reunion Jam:
The night that S&M had their 20yr anniversary party there was a jam at the legendary Sheep Hills in Huntington Beach, CA. Fudger was on hand to get photos of Chris Moeller, Shaun Butler, Midget Cory, and more.

Red Bull Elevation, Suzuki BMX Masters, and Red Bull Empire of Dirt:
We already had tons of coverage from these events on, but we have some of the best contest photos printed with a brief write-up about each event.

Where’s Nathan?:
Nathan Penonzek is off traveling the world, so we had four of his friends write a story about what he might be experiencing in his journeys.

Here & Gone – The Life and (Premature) Death of a Connecticut DIY Warehouse Park:
There are homemade spots all around the world. This is the story of one of them in,, you guessed it…Connecticut.

Harry Main Interview:
This sixteen-year-old English rider is a bad ass. We caught up with him to find out about his background, England, learning German, sponsors, and more.

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