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Our April 2014 issue of RideBMX features an insane interview with Shawn McIntosh, Wheels In Motion pictorial, Philadelphia’s Stinkpit Crew, TJ Ellis, Morgan Wade, and more.

On The Cover:  Those giant yellow poles are there for a reason—and it's not to just add another degree of danger for Shawn McIntosh's double peg grind. The Wilshire rail and stairs have seen so much action over the years and Shawn managed to go where no man has gone before at one of the most legendary spots in Los Angeles. Photo: Jeff Zielinski

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– Departments –

A simple contrasty black and white image, a rough lookin’ east coast spot, and Jeff Kocsis makes for a great photo.

Up Front
Just the facts, please… sponsor changes, injuries, and more.

Pro Q&A: TJ Ellis
It’s hard to believe that a dude who goes as big as TJ with insane technical tricks can still somehow remain underrated. Well, it’s about time that all changes…

From CAD drawings, to prototypes, to pages of this magazine, and then onto your bike…

Soft Goods
Logo embellished attire to show your loyalty to your favorite BMX brands.

This is the part of the magazine where reading really isn’t involved, does that make you happy or sad?

Bio: Camila Harambour
Grinding rails down steps is just the beginning for this girl from South America.

Wether intentional or not, always guaranteed to generate some laughs.

Finish: Morgan Wade
One of the craziest dudes to ever step foot onto a BMX bicycle.

– Features –

Shawn McIntosh Interview
A collection of do or die photos and a raw interview make for a must see and read.

Wheels In Motion
With a great eye for composition and the use of only natural light, Ted Van Orman’s photographs are unique in this day and age of multiple strobe action or the polar opposite—cellphone snaps. No, Ted’s photos fit into neither category—which is what makes them that much more amazing—and we’ve got a grip of  ’em in this photo driven article.

A Rising Tide
Don’t let their name fool you, Philadelphia’s Stinkpit Crew don’t necessarily smell and they sure don’t hangout in a pit…

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