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Our Jan/Feb 2014 issue of RideBMX features a Ben Lewis interview, 2013 NORA Cup, Demolition in the Northwest, some Colorado concrete, Alex Kennedy, JJ Palmere, and more.

On The Cover:
Ben Lewis
gets his blood pumping in Athens, Greece with a wild opposite pegs to gap out over the steps. Photo: Jeff Zielinski

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– Departments –

Mike “Hucker” Clark and the Red Bull Trails Loop, a crazy setup for a wild dude—it’s a perfect match.

Up Front
Just the facts, please… sponsor changes, injuries, and more.

Pro Q&A: Alex Kennedy
Calm, cool, and collected, AK floated through these questions almost as smoothly as he does through the streets.

The latest and greatest to keep our bikes running nice!

Soft Goods
Logo embellished attire to show your loyalty to your favorite BMX brands.

Markit Zero and Alone DVD write-ups.

This is the part of the magazine where reading really isn’t involved, does that make you happy or sad?

Bio: James Harvey
A nice dude from Florida with a big smile and even bigger moves.

Wether intentional or not, always guaranteed to generate some laughs.

Finish: JJ Palmere
Eating healthy, stretching, Deadline, Fiend, and more…

– Features –

2013 NORA Cup
After a kick-ass year at a new location in Austin, Texas during Texas Toast weekend, we do the traditional follow-up interviews with Garrett Reynolds, Viki Gomez, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Dennis Enarson, Sam Willoughby, and the Deadline video’s Tony Ennis.

Intuitive Compass
Brian Yeagle, Mark Potoczny, Ryan Popple, and Tom Arkus, drive 23 hours from Pittsburgh to Colorado to shred some 'crete and camp with Tom Dillon and friends. Yeagle covers the action with his trusty Hasselblad.

Ben Lewis Interview
One of the most cutting-edge street riders in the game, Ben has been steadily killing it under the radar for years, and for the past few he’s been doing it for the whole world to see. We went to Athens, Greece for a week with Ben to shoot the majority of his interview and we found plenty of gems for him to execute his opposite and switch-stance technical brand of street riding on.

Demolition In The Northwest
Demolition’s stacked team of trail bosses; Chris Doyle, Ronnie Napolitan, Mike Clark, Rob Wise, Dave Dillewaard, and Kris Fox hit up a bunch of trails in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.

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