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Our December 2013 issue of RideBMX features an east coast adventure with Tree Bikes, bangers from the Markit Zero video, Pro Phases, Broc Raiford, AJ Anaya, and more.

On The Cover:
If you were to ask Clint Reynolds where he'd rather be at any given time, the odds are pretty good he'd say Catty Woods—where he'd be bustin' 360 lookbacks like this all damn day. Photo: Jeff Zielinski

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– Departments –

Alex Raban turns a pile of broken chairs into something worth riding and a sweet photo, as well.

Up Front
Just the facts, please… sponsor changes, injuries, and more.

Pro Q&A: Broc Raiford
Hops for days, just about every trick on lock, a great attitude, super appreciative of where he’s at, and a crazy story about pooping in public.

The latest and greatest to keep our bikes running nice!

Soft Goods
Logo embellished attire to show your loyalty to your favorite BMX brands.

Deadline DVD and the Haro Book: The Rise of BMX Freestyle, Volume 1, 1978-1986.

This is the part of the magazine where reading really isn’t involved.

Bio: Grant Germain
The latest in a very long line of shredders from Long Island.

Wether intentional or not, always guaranteed to generate some laughs.

Finish: AJ Anaya
A wild man on the bike, and a well-spoken one off it.

– Features –

Tree Roadtrip
Clint Reynolds, Brian Yeagle, and Timmy Theus hit trails, parks, streets, camping spots, and water holes from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire for a late summer adventure.

Pro Phases
Multi-person article featuring pro riders who are all in varying stages of their careers, including; Daniel Sandoval, Seth Kimbrough, Alex Kennedy, Chase Dehart, Ashley Charles, Mike Brennan, Mike Mastroni, and Van Homan.

Markit Zero
Dennis Enarson and Christian Rigal talk about the making of Markit Zero along with photos of some of the bangers and the stories behind them.

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