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Our October 2013 issue of RideBMX  features interviews with Drew Hosselton and Zack Gerber, the Primo team in Portland, Mongoose in Mexico, Simone Barraco, Kris Fox, and more.

On The Cover:
Possibly the only thing as rare as finding water in the Arizona desert is a setup like this, Drew Hosselton goes up, across, and down on this random rail. Photo: Jeff Zielinksi

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– Departments –

Young buck Broc Raiford is always down for a session, even if it’s on a big scary obstacle in the dead of night…

Up Front
In the BMX industry corner we have sponsor changes, injuries, and more.

Pro Q&A: Simone Barraco
English may be a second language for the ultra smooth street shredder from Italy, but you can hardly tell from his answers.

All the usual latest and greatest frames and parts from your favorite brands, plus some additional techy non-bike part stuff as well.

Soft Goods
One of the easiest ways to pledge brand loyalty is to buy and wear one of these t-shirts.

Ryan Fudger’s answers are genius, where as some of your questions, well…

Finish: Kris Fox
Kris Fox has style for miles, goes super high, and is super appreciative of all BMX has given him.

– Features –

Primo In Portland
Ty Morrow, Jackson Ratima, Shawn McIntosh, Tony Neyer, Anthony “Boy” Flores, Andrew Castaneda, and Steve Croteau call Portland, Oregon home for a week.

Zack Gerber Interview
Whoa! Wait until you see the absurd things Zack shot for his interview, and best of all, you’ll see it all here first because Zack is a firm believer in releasing the photo before the video footage. We like Zack.

Mongoose In Mexico
Mexico City is an adventure, and Mongoose riders Ben Wallace, Paul Ryan, and Greg Illingworth get a front row seat while also hitting up some parks and wild looking street spots.

Drew Hosselton Interview
A grip of sick photos, and conversation about Phoenix, Arizona, “Drew” spots, Smoker Dave, the Volume DVD, pools, and so much more. Drew fans will be psyched!

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