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The newest issue just showed up at our office and should be in the mail to subscribers as you read this. If you aren’t a subscriber you can buy this issue on newsstands starting August 26th. In this month’s issue you’ll find Edwin DeLaRosa, Okinawa, Tyrone Williams, Taj Mihelich, a Kink Northeast Trip, a look inside Taiwan factories, Kevin Robinson’s big air jump in NYC, a Jeremiah Smith interview, a Lil’ Jeff Kocsis interview, and more. Read on to see exactly what’s in the issue.

Ride BMX October 2008 Issue 149

On the cover: Jason Owens makes great use of a heavily sessioned spot in Philly with a really high invert out of the curved wall. Photo by Fudger.


First Words:
Editor in Chief Keith Mulligan came back from Taiwan with a wealth of information about the bike industry to share with you that will help you understand our industry, sport, and lifestyle a little better.

Ruben Alcantara is at it again with another outrageous gap to wallride. This time from square to triangle.

Up Front:
Sponsor Block, Disabled List, and Fine Print are all in their usual spot. This is where you can read the current news and not have to look at anonymous comments underneath the info. It’s also where you can return years from now to see what was going on “back in the day.”

Pro Q&A – Taj Mihelich:
Taj is probably on the list of “favorite riders” for just about everyone out there and with the help of our readers at, he filled up two pages of questions and answers.

Bars, grips, stems, pads, hubs, sprockets, frames, and cranks… Our products section is almost as stocked as your local shop.

Ten of your favorite riders give their top three albums of all time including Joe Rich, Mike Brennan, Seth Kimbrough, Leigh Ramsdell, and more. We also review two new videos from underground scenes.

Pro Shop – Tyrone Williams’ Dah Shop:
A few rider-owned shops have popped up recently in New York City, and this is one of them.

Glimpse 06 – Okinawa, Japan:
Okinawa is like Japan’s Hawaii. It hangs low and to the left of the mainland in the Pacific Ocean and is a more tropical, laid back part of the country. This collage of black and white photos shot in The Land Of The Rising Sun sums up our travels abroad—from riding to pig’s heads to sheer cliffs that drop into the ocean.

Twelve pages of the stuff we are made of—amazing BMX photos including Sean Sexton, Cameron Wood, Nick Cooper, and more.

Bio – Miles Rogoish:
From Tulsa, Oklahoma, this Mankind/Sun Ringle rider has been popping up all over the Internet lately with awesome Web videos and now he’s making his way from digital to print through this Bio by fellow Midwesterner Tony Malouf.

Contest haters, members of the armed forces, and video game players all write in and Drew Glaser fills up space with this awesome reader photo of Kyle Sketsch.

Ten To End – Edwin DeLaRosa:
A man of few words with three capital letters in his last name answers our final ten questions of the issue.


Oh Hell Yeah, Dude – The Kink Bikes Northeast Tour:
Fourteen Kink riders in a jam-packed van pulling an even more jam-packed trailer toured across the Northeast for a week and a half. This is the resulting story and photos including what may be the biggest rail hop ever.

New World Record? Kevin Robinson & The Red Bull Experiment:
Did Kevin really hit 27 feet of air out of a 27-foot quarter pipe? Does it really matter? We’ll go to the judges on that one and get back to you…

[Very Well] Made In Taiwan:
McGoo takes us through the factories of Taiwan that make most of the bike parts you’ve ever owned. This is an amazing behind-the-scenes look at something most of us have never even thought about. What you read will probably surprise you, to say the least.

Little Jeff, Lil’ Jeff, LJ – Jeff Kocsis:
A fresh face to the Jersey scene is making a big name for himself. Is that an oxymoron since his name has the word “Lil'” in it?

Jeremiah Smith Interview:
Jeremiah is an amazing all-around rider who can kill it on street and make finals at the Dew Tour, but can he do simple arithmetic? The Beard is doubtful. Chad Kagy, Jamie Bestwick, and Matt Bischoff helped with the questions and Fudger shot the photos in Barcelona to come up with this awesome interview.

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