The latest issue of Ride just showed up on our doorstep this morning and should be in your mailbox shortly. If you aren’t a subscriber you can pick up the September ’08 issue at newsstands on July 22nd. The issue is packed with amazing content like the Nathan Williams interview, an article from Arizona, a Fit road trip, and a whole lot more. Keep reading to see what all is in the issue.

Ride BMX Issue 148
On the Cover: Nathan Williams stretches a huge no-handed 180 down a big set in Barcelona, Spain. Photo by Fudger.

– Departments –

First Words:

Editor in Chief Keith Mulligan shares his surreal experiences while eating strange foreign foods with BMX legends.

Crashing sucks…no matter what country you are in.

Up Front:
The monthly Sponsor Block, Disabled List, and Fine Print are all in place. Sure you may have seen some of this on the Interweb already, but ten years from now you’ll be able to open up this issue while dropping a duce and remember what was happening in the summer of ’08.

Pro Q&A – Dave Dillewaard:
Being tall, ping pong, bullbar… You know, the typical stuff that our readers ask the pros.


Everything from frame to pedals (that’s basically head to toe, right?) is featured in this month’s product section including some wild new patterns and colors on a lot of parts.


New threads and kicks from DC, Nike 6.0, Redline, Fit, S&M, Vans, Shadow, UGP, and Fox.


Justin Simpson breaks down some metal-inspired top 5s and we review five new videos.


Ian Munro, Colin Mackay, Geoff Slattery, and more. New pages to tear out and plaster on your bedroom walls.

Bio – George Boyd:

Walter Pieringer gives us the skinny on this up and coming talent from Texas.

Fudger gets pissed about fixed gear bikes, and answers some letters too.

Ten to End – Mike Spinner:

Mike Spinner recently just pulled the world’s first quadruple tailwhip. He also recently answered our ten questions on the last page in the magazine. Coincidently in one of the questions he talks about a time before he could do a single whip. My, how things change.

– Features –

The Nathan Williams Interrogation
If you’ve ever tried to get more than a few words out of Nathan, you know why we called this one an interrogation. Nathan definitely lets his riding speak for itself. Look for some wild moves with great style in this interview.

Red Bull Elevation

Here’s a local perspective of an international contest as described by Alex Vazquez.
Consumed Knowledge – Ten Days, Seven Fit Riders, And The Things You Learn
If seven guys from the Fit team are on a trip for ten days, you know stuff will go down. And luckily Keith Romanowski was there with his Canon to document it.

Free Space

A guerilla style showing of the 80s film Rad in the middle of downtown Los Angeles.

Lightning Bolts – An Electric Mix Of Legends, Artists & Pros Converge In China

Bob Haro, John Martin, and Mark Lewman talk about Nike’s contribution to bring old school BMX to a new school audience via a number plate art show and limited edition book.

Back From The Dead – Smoker Dave Rides Again

Smoker Dave beat a rare form of cancer in the blood and is healthy once again and back on his bike. This is a quick interview with Smoker about his experiences.

Raiding Arizona

After going to Poenix three times in a month, Jeff Zielinski had more than enough ammo to fire out this awesome article about the desert hot spot known as Arizona. Look for a Web video based off this story in the near future, too.