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This month we have two amazing interviews with Brian Kachinsky and Sean Burns along with other great features such as a pool riding article, Shaun Butler interview, and more. You’ll want to get your hands on this issue ASAP. It ships to subscribers today and will be on sale at newsstands on May 27th. Check out a detailed list of the issue’s contents below.

On the Cover: Brian Kachinsky had every intention of doing a hang over tooth grind down the infamous El Toro rail, but when he got to SoCal to fire it out, the rail had been removed from the stairs. Forced to find another rail, he hammered out this one on his first try. Photo by Ryan Fudger.– Departments –

First Words:
Editor in Chief Keith Mulligan attempts to decide which type of article is his favorite—interviews or photo features. We have both in this issue that you’ll love, so decide for yourself which is your favorite.

Is riding BMX really anything like flying a kite in a park? Not sure, but Fudger sheds his own light on the subject.

Up Front:
X Games changes their event lineup for the Summer ’08 games, we have our monthly Disabled List and Sponsor Block, a list of what to expect on the site you are reading right now, and plenty of fine print that you may need a magnifying glass to read.

Pro Q&A – Nate Wessel:
Without the crazy creations Nate makes out of wood and turns into skateparks, BMX would may not be where it is today. He got drilled (no pun intended) by our readers and was nice enough to put down his nail gun long enough to answer your questions.

All the latest goods from the companies you’ve grown to know and love: a complete, sprockets, tires, grips, frames, bars, seats, hubs, and more.

T-shirts, hats, and shoes from companies that support BMX. We all wear clothes, so we should all take time to look over this section. Plus, you don’t want to show up to the spot looking dumb.

Pro Shop:
Fuzzy Hall and Eddie Buckley’s 50/50 BMX shop in Layton, Utah is featured this month and has a huge stock of parts and accessories you should check out of if you are in the area.

Matt Coplon and Sandy Carson are both in bands. Didn’t know that? Well now you do, and thanks to this month’s Diversions you will know much more as both riders tell us about their musical projects.

A little bit of street and a little bit of ramp action this month in our photo section. Feel free to tear them out and hang them places—like your room, locker, or in your pantry. Yeah man, everyone likes looking at BMX photos while they try to decide whether they will eat Twinkies or Goldfish.

Bio – Karston “Skinny” Tannis:
I’ve had my fair share of strange meetings when I introduce myself as “Fat,” but when I finally got to meet someone named Skinny, it was the best. Keith Romanowski shot a photo of the NYC rider and wrote about him so you could get to know the man with the opposite name of me.

Bio – Max Roth:
Jesse Puente speaks very highly of this SoCal hardcore flatland rider. Max has great, original style and lives to ride his bike. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of him on the flat scene in the future.

Jimmy Levan wrote in to say, “Thank you,” to the BMX community for all the support after his recent injury. That and more from our readers, but that’s the important one this month.

Ten to End – Heath Pinter:
Heath has a lot going on. A whole lot. And he’s an amazing dude with plenty of talents and friends. It’s a privilege to get to read what he has to say to our last ten questions in the magazine.

– Features –

Kachinsky vs. Kachinsky:
The long overdue Brian Kachinsky interview finally hits the pages of Ride and does not disappoint. Get to know BK a little better and see some amazing photos—the kind only he could produce…in between injuries, of course.

Vertical Mobility:
Remember that fence hop in Brad Simms’ recent Micreation video part? And remember when he hopped back over it on his feet from flat ground with no running start? Well, it is worth talking about, and we have a little feature about that.

Beautiful Wasteland:
Keith Mulligan put together an amazing article from The Salton Sea, an abandoned desert town with a ton of amazing pools and sights. You will absolutely love this one. We will stop here and let the article and photos speak forr themselves.

Where You Been? The Rise, Fall, & Return Of Shaun Butler:
We’ve been asked several times, “Where is Shaun Butler these days?” Well, we caught up with him to find out and pass it back along to our readers. You can thank us by sending cool stuff to the office. Our address is on the contact page.

Go Fast, Anchor It In… Sean Burns Interview:
This interview of one of the most eclectic people in our sport opens with one of the most amazing portraits ever printed in the magazine. Then it features a ton of burly street moves (to flat, of course) and some interesting reading material. How can you not want to read this one?

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