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Since we reinvented the magazine a few months ago, we’ve got nothing but positive feedback from the pros, the industry, and our loyal readers. So thank you all for that, and enjoy issue 145 that has pushed the bar a little higher once again. This month we have full interviews with Daniel Dhers and Tony Cardona and other features with Adam Baker, Matt Beringer, Street One, flatlanders in Costa Rica, and much more. Full details below…

On the Cover: What you can’t see: chaotic traffic, cars going the wrong way, hot moms stopping to flirt, and a difficult line of approach… What is visible: Daniel Dhers upside down, tabled, and flaired-out on a sweet street spot in Venezuela. Photo by Keith Mulligan.– Departments –

First Words:
The U.S. has it good. Better than most. Let our editor Keith Mulligan help you put things into perspective this month in his First Words column.

Get there any way you can. Even if it means getting a custom bike rack put on a motorcycle like Steve Crandall did.

Up Front:
The Disabled List, Fine Print and Sponsor Block make another appearance to keep you up to speed with what’s going on in BMX.

Pro Q&A – Matt Beringer:
One of the most unique individuals in our sport answers questions that you sent him…lots of questions.

Compare seven new frames and a few other parts before getting a dose of softgoods from your favorite companies.

Pro Shop – Street One:
This Naples, Florida shop is run by a husband and wife duo that have been doing a great job of serving their local BMX community.

Seth Kimbrough talks abouthis new band, Misery Chastain and we review the Metal video and Mega Tour Europe.

Glimpse 05:
Two pages of photos from Venezuela to make your travel bug all excited like.

Premiere – Insight:
Check out this spread of photos from our very own Insight DVD premiere.

Washed Out:
Sometimes your riding plans just don’t go as you expected. Case in point this time…rain.

Nine of the month’s best photos ready to be hung on your wall.

Bio – Anthony “Boy” Flores
Eman gives some info about one of his good friends and riding partners from East Los Angeles.

Bio – Nick Cooper
Ryan Guettler and Colin Mackay both speak of their fellow Aussie who is really freaking good on a bike.

Who do you want on your side in a BMX fight? What are some of the slang BMX terms? What’s up with the anonymous comments on the site? And so on, and so on…

Ten to End – Adam Baker:
Adam wants BMX to be more mature…but not too mature so it turns dorky.

– Features –

Daniel Dhers Interview – Raw In Venezuela:
We’ve got a really good, candid interview with the man who won the Dew Tour and X Games last year and is on a mission again this year. All the photos were shot in his home county, giving the interview a very personal (and non-contest-like) touch.

Snow Job – Matt Beringer & The Ski Bike:
You may have heard of Matt Beringer’s ski bike and been left wondering some things… Wonder no more and get a sweet photo of an invert, too!

Pura Vida – Flatland In Costa Rica:
In February we were in Costa Rica for the fifth annual Ticos Jam. The Caribbean getaway yielded some great photos of the beautiful country, timeless stories and experiences, and some great riding.

Waste Not:
When you spot a random roadside mini ramp and are in the company of great riders, you stop to check it out. Even if it is in the ghetto and a homeless person’s sleeping quarters.

Tony Cardona Interview:
Probably the polar opposite of Daniel Dhers who also has an interview in this issue, the now Texas local shreds with soul and lays in all out there in these nine pages.

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