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We just got the newest issue of the magazine in, and it’s another good one hot off the press. This time Karl Poynter scores the cover with a classic table off a famous spot in Barcelona, Spain. We also have Sean Sexton, Jimmy Levan, Russ Barone, Chad Johnston, and Josh Stricker packed in here as well.

On the Cover: You really need to love Barcelona’s random pieces of public art. Karl Poynter shows his appreciation with a classic table launched off a Spanish sidewalk fin. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

– Departments –

First Words:
Editor in Chief, Keith Mulligan gets a little sentimental about long-time friend Jimmy Levan after his serioius head injury.   

A modern photo of a classic setup and trick.

Up Front:
Sponsor Block, Disabled List, and of course a little teaser of what’s to come on this month. Also a quick interview with Ian Morris about his ideas of being “pro,” five pros tell their best trick, and lots of fine print. Oh, and a lil ol’ contest where we are going to send you to Camp Woodward for a week!

Pro Q&A – Josh Stricker:
Josh answerd our readers’ questions while sprinting full speed at *insert any obstacle here.*

Two pages of soft goods plus pegs, pedals, headsets, rims, frames, forks, bars, wheels, sprockets, tires, grips, stems, pads, and more. Whew, that’s a lot of new products.

Pro Shop:
Shad Johnson talks about the BMX only shop that helps hold the Portland, Oregon scene together…Goods BMX.

Mark Mulville’s top 5s as it pertains to music and seven vids reviewed, too.

Glimpse 04:
A kid paid $400 to get Aaron Ross to ride and hang out in his town. These photos are what came out of it.

Eight pages of the stuff you have grown to know and love—amazing BMX photography.

Bio – Mark “Ratkid” Gralla:
If Bob Scerbo has such good things to say about him, you know the dude has to shred.

Bio – Drew Hosselton:
And if Smoker Dave has such good things to say about this one, he must rule, too!

Ryan Fudger gave some good advice and didn’t even really piss anyone off this month. Don’t worry though, he ain’t gettin’ soft on you. He’ll be a dick next month.

Ten to End – Sean Sexton:
Sean, by his own definition, is creative and has a positive attitude.

– Features –

Ian Schwartz Interview – The Progressive Innovator:
Mad style, sweet bike setup, original lines and tricks… Ian is someone a lot of riders look up to and aspire to be like. This interview and these black and white photos shot in Spain do a great job of capturing the essence of Ian and everything that he stands for.

Dubai – Destert And Camels:
Wait, Walter Pieringer has an amazing/interesting/bizarre story from a foreign country? I thought we’d never see the day such an article would come up. Oh wait…never mind.

The Best Trick He’s Ever Pulled:
A conversation with Jimmy Levan about his injury resulting in a coma and how a near-death experience can make life better…

Up In The Hills:
A colorful photo essay of a SoCal pool covered with graffiti.

The Peaceful Warrior – Russell Barone Interview:
This Long Island, New York native is a Rastafarian vegan who lives a healthy, positive life and kills it on a BMX.

Full Circle – Chad Johnston & Pegless Flatland:
After seeing his first pegless flatland online video, we had to ask Chad about re-inventing his riding style sans pegs.  

Mediterranean Paradise – A Sunday Foray In Barcelona:
Barcelona is one of the best places in the world to ride street, and the Sunday team made good use of their time there.

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