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Well, we’ve done it again. We have yet another amazing issue sitting in the office ready to go. This month you’ll get the pleasure of checking out a full Tom White interview, another interview with Johnny Devlin, an article with the Colony team, a close look at Greenville, North Carolina, and a whole lot more. Keep reading for the full contents of the April ’08 issue. Tell us what you think about the new issue in the message board!

Liam Fahy Hampton descends a sixteen-stair the hard way, two tires on the rail.
Photo by Fudger.

– Departments –

First Words
Editor in Chief, Keith Mulligan sheds a sliver of light on how an issue of the magazine comes together.

While vert riders may be few and far between, the ones who ride on a regular basis are nothing short of amazing.

Up Front
The disabled List and Sponsor Block make another appearance along with Aaron Ross talking about his friendship with the FBM crew and new sponsor, Sunday. We also have random quotes from riders and enough fine print to last you at least one trip to the can.  

Pro Q&A – Corey Martinez
More questions than anyone probably wants to answer, but Corey is a nice dude and replied to them all. Did your question make the cut?

Sprockets, bars, grips, forks, frames, stems, and more… Plus two pages of softgoods including hoodies, hats, jeans, and shoes. Get rid of those old ass starter jackets and hop on board with what’s fresh. Or something like that.

Pro Shop
East County BMX in Santee, CA is a dope shop run by a dude who can roll a hitchhiker smoother than you.

Six riders put together a list of riders and songs to make up their ultimate fantasy BMX video. We also review four videos. Don’t you wish you got paid to watch bike videos? …We don’t take our jobs for granted.

Twelve pages of the best action photos this month including a bunch of riders you’re probably not too familiar with, but will be after you see their gnarly photos.

Bio – Talem Cowart
Seth Kimbrough wrote about this Atlanta native that you’ve probably seen on our site by now. He lives with Nathan Williams in Tenneesse, has great style, an even better attitude, and can bust a move on the dance floor.

Bio – Stephen Savage
Yep, two bios in this issue. Stephen hails from South Africa and is repping Sunday Bikes. He also has sweet hair that inspired me (Fat) to never use shampoo again.

We actually got good letters this month. Are our readers getting smarter, or are the dumb ones just tired of being publicly and internationally embarrassed? Either way, good job guys.

Ten to End – Bob Scerbo
The East Coast street animal managed to get out of bed long enough to answer our ten questions. Well, most of them anyway.

– Features –

Colony On Colony
From Orlando, Florida to Athens, Georgia, the Colony team rode bikes and did stuff. Pretty vague, eh? Well, we’ll let them elaborate. Each of the guys on the team (Dave Freiumth, Clint Millar, Nick Richardson, Ryan Guettler, Matt King, Toby Matthews, Liam Fay Hampton, Mick Bayzand, and Steve Woodward) wrote about each other so you can get a better understanding of them as individuals and as a team. The riding can be seen in the new Colony DVD available now.

Johnny Devlin – Inside The Mind of a Simple Man
While Johnny was in Southern California he did some amazing things on his bike. He also opened up and allowed us to see his great personality. We then prompted him to share those same things on the pages of Ride. Not a typical interview, we gave Johnny a topic and let him elaborate on it from his personal experiences and perspectives.

Markus Hampl
Get to know the German dirt jumper through this four-page interview.

Not Just Pro Town… 8 Things You Probaly Didn’t Know About Greenville, North Carolina
Allan Cooke dismisses rumors about BMX’s notorious “Pro Town” and gives you the real scoop from the inside.

Not Just Pro Town… 8 Things You Probaly Didn’t Know About Greenville, North Carolina
Allan Cooke dismisses rumors about BMX’s notorious “Pro Town” and gives you the real scoop from the inside.

“I can’t curse, right?” – The Tom White Interview
“Tom’s interview was conducted with a bunch of his closets friends at VVinnie Sammon’s and Mike Brennan’s apartment in Jersey City. Along with Vinnie and Mike, Dave Belcher, Bob Scerbo, Edwin DeLaRosa, and Ryan Navazio were all there to ask questions and make fun of each other. The evening was full of ridicule, partying, fumbling with the tape recorder, and forgetting questions, but somehow we still managed to successfully conduct the interview and learned that Tom’s had the same amount of surgeries as Mat Hoffman, he’s from the same town as the first Wawa, and doesn’t give a shit what the fuck anyone thinks about him.” – Jeff Z.

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