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Our annual photo issue is back and better than ever. Corey Bohan snags the cover with a lookback in the middle of a Fijian waterfall! Inside we feature a digital photographer and his work, show you the anatomy of a photograph, have a photo essay about riding school yards on Sundays, have an enormous photo section with the year’s best photos, and have twelve pages devoted to our cover story—a photo adventure with Corey Bohan and Corey Martinez in remote locations throughout Fiji!

On the Cover: Corey Bohan couldn’t believe he was actually riding a quarter pipe at the base of a waterfall, so he had to lookback just to make sure. Terrible joke, great photo. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

– Departments –

First Words:
Editor in Chief, Keith Mulligan shares his history and experience with BMX photographs twenty-something years after he saw his first one.  

Ride where you can, when you can… It’s winter.

Up Front:
The disabled List and Sponsor Block make another appearance along with Taj talking about being on Giant Bicycles for ’08 and a little comparison between digital and film cameras. Because it’s the photo issue, get it?

Pro Q&A – Mat Hoffman:
One of the greatest living legends in our sport answers more than forty questions from our readers about every subject you can imagine, and some you’ve never even thought of.

Micreation owner and Nine To Five web developer breaks down DIY web design and development. Remember, you may be able to post photos on MySpace, but you still aren’t a web designer.  

Fifteen new products…The latest and greatest from Hoffman, Simple, Macneil, Wethepeople, Felt, Wipperman, and more.

Pro Shop:
Chad DeGroot talks about his second shop, Mesh Skatepark and Shop in Longwood, Florida.

Biz talks about his top ten videos of all time starting with #10, Ride On. Then we go on to review six new videos including Mutiny’s Stoked on Being Pumped and 50/50’s That’s It.

Glimpse 03:
A full spread of nothing but crash photos. Sometimes the tricks just don’t work out the way the rider planned, but the shutter gets snapped anyway. These photos are the results.

31 pages of some of the best BMX photography of the year. This is what this issue is all about!

A guy named Bart from Canada wrote to us. He should be psyched that his letter got printed and that his name is the same as the most famous cartoon kid of our generation…but not psyched that he’s from Canada.

Ten to End – Mike Aitken:
If he could only do one trick for the rest of his life, it would be “flow.”

– Features –

The Digital Photographer – Justin Kosman:
Justin is one of our contributing photographers, and one of the best hustlers in the BMX industry. For this article, he shows how one simple digital photo can be interpreted eight different ways using post-productions techniques on the computer.

The Anatomy Of A Photo:
Arguably, BMX’s most notable photographer, Jeff Zielinski, shows you a photo, then shows you how he shot that photo. Hmm…interesting…very, very interesting.

The Fiji Project – A Photo-Driven Mission In A Third-World Country
Jeff Zielinski had the opportunity to travel to Fiji with Red Bull athletes Corey Bohan and Corey Martinez. The two Coreys sessioned outrageous spots including the one you see on the cover and…never mind. Just get the issue. These photos are amazing.

Sunday School – Behind Chain Link Walls:
In Southern California, many of the best spots are at schools. And most schools are only rideable on Sundays. This photo essay documents some of that riding done at schools, on Sundays, in the L.A. area.

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