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This is the second issue of RIDEbmx with the new, larger format. We got a ton of positive feedback from issue 140 and we hope people will like this one just as much. This month we bring you our annual NORA Cup wrap up along with a ton of other interesting reads, short and long. The issue ships to subscribers on December 13th and will be on newsstands on January 1st.

Ride BMX Magazine

On The Cover:

Jamie Bestwick throws a huge downside tailwhip on the Woodward vert ramp after having an amazing contest year and winning the NORA Cup.


First Words:
Editor-in-Chief, Keith Mulligan talks about his history with the NORA cup and some of the articles found in this issue.

A long, eventful day in Mexico and a clever way to fix a flat tire get the start spread this month.

Up Front:
Injuries, fine print, sponsor changes, winners from the United/ wallpaper contest, a book that tells you how to put on a BMX event, Stephen Murray, and Jimmy Levan.  

Pro Q&A – Chris Doyle:
Doyle does everything on a bike really well and smiles a lot too. He also answered seven of our reader’s questions about DK, trends, trails, being tall, the Dew Tour, and more.

A few complete bikes, gloves, stems, sprockets, tires, grips, and knee pads. Latest and greatest.

16 winter products to keep you warm during these brisk months.     

Pro Shop – Van Homan’s Two By Four:
Located in Pennsville, New Jersey, Van’s shop carries a ton of great products and softgoods. Mulligan asks questions about the shop, and, you guessed it…Van answers.

Corey Martinez talks about the music on his laptop and we review four DVDs so you can make an educated decision when you decide to drop twenty bones on a new vid.

Glimpse 02:
A collage of Mulligan’s point-and-shoot snapshots through the years.

Ten pages of riding photos that you may tear out and tape to your bedroom walls.

Bio – Josh Boatright:
Age: 22. Location: North Carolina. Stoked on him enough to write the bio: Mike Laird. ‘Nuff said for now, pick up the mag to read the rest.

Rick Thorne responds to a previous letter and six other readers write new ones.

Ten To End – Ryan Guettler:
Ryan talks about getting knocked out, calls out Internet shit-talkers, and explains the first BMX photo he put on his wall.


NORA Cup 2007
Interviews with and photos of Corey Bohan, Aaron Ross, Jamie Bestwick, Ruben Alcantara, and Matthias Dandois along with a tton of photos from the ’07 Number One Rider Awards party in Las Vegas.

A Means To The End – Boston To Toronto Collecting Clips
Josh Harrington talks about making his first video, “End Search” and takes us on his journey from Massachusetts to Canada to clock some footy of Rob Darden, Will Love, Whitesnake, Ty Morrow, and Dave Dillewaard.

PREconveived Notions
Ever wonder what a rider is like? Ever have your own preconceived notions about them, only to meet that rider and be completely wrong? Adam Grandmaison went on a trip and decided to write about each person on the trip as it pertained to his prior thoughts about each guy. Who are the guys? Glad you asked… Ben Hittle, Marlon Europe, Joof, Rory Ellis, Oba Stanley, Jake Seely, Chris Neighbors, and Garrett Reynolds.

Team Insight – Behind The Scenes With The Cast of Ride’s Newest Film Insight
Ryan Navazio talks about his newest project with Transworld and what a disaster it turned out to be. Chester Blacksmith, Jared Washington, Mike Brennan, Davey Watson, Darryl Tocco, and Dakota Roche all have parts in the video, and coincidently have photos in the article.

Strength & Resolve – Kurt Yaeger Rides Again
Kurt Yaeger was in an accident back in ’06 and lost his leg. He now has a prosthetic leg and is back riding again. Roads to recovery can be tough, but where there is a strong enough will, there is always away.

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