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This is our last issue before some major changes go down in the magazine. This month’s magazine looks amazing, has awesome features and great photos, but just wait till you see what we come out with next… But before we get ahead of ourselves, this issue has a Rad! tribute, another old school homage, Brian Foster, Road Fools Rock N’ Roll Tour, Jamie Bestwick, Jimmy Levan, and lots more.

Ride BMX Magazine – Issue 139 – December 2007 – Eric Lichtenberger – Precision 180  credit: Jeff Zielinski

On the Cover: Virginia native turned SoCal resident, Eric Lichtenberger (AKA: The German) threads the needle with a precision 180. This is the first time a rider has had a Bio and a cover in the same issue. Not bad for the kid’s first photos in a magazine!

– Departments –

Up Front:
This month we have some bizarre stories from Corey Martinez, the DL injurty report, plenty of fine print, and sponsor changes and shake-ups.

Pro Q&A – Jamie Bestwick:
Jamie answers questions about frame sponsors, going huge, England, contests, bright colored bikes, and even makes a Chuck Norris joke.

Frames, hubs, stems, bars, softgoods, and more from good folks like Kink, Odyssey, S&M, Profile, Colony, and others. Sweet, sweet BMXness.

DVD reviews on 7 new vids from companies and local crews.

Bio – Eric Lichtenberger:
Same guy who is on the cover. This kid may be the brakeless, pegless rider right now. He has double tire ridden down (and up), and grinded some of the craziest rails imaginable and is one of the most chill dudes you will ever meet.

Eric Ream, Mike Spinner, John Jennings, Sandy Carson, Brian Hunt, Russ Barone, Drew Hosselton, Augie Simocini, Eddie Cleveland, Matt Beringer, and Ricky Bates make up the section that will soon become a 13-year-old kid’s bedroom wallpaper. Thirteen full pages of awesome action photos.

Six kids write us letters and one of them walks away with some sweet new parts from Fit.

Ten To End – Jimmy Levan:
Metal, brah! The rock ‘n’ roll legend…er…BMX rider/company owner gives his answers to our 10 questions.

– Features –

Recreating Rad!
Chad Johnston and his wife got to ride in a modern-day recreation of the famous high school dance scene from the movie Rad!. And luckily for everyone, Jeff Zielinski got to shoot photos on the production day. Sweeeet.

If I Wasn’t A BMXer… Props Road Fools Rock N’ Roll Tour 2:
You’ve seen our daily coverage of the tour, now check out the bangers from the trip brought to you in a different light. And by different light, we mean bullet points written by Ryan Fudger.

First Times With Brian Foster – 35 Firsts With A 35 Year-Old
BF may be old enough to be your father, but he will still kick your ass out of the gate, boost higher than you out of any quarter (and with more style, too), and has more variations at the trails than you’ll ever have. With that said, this living legend talks about the first time he…insert 35 interesting topics here.

Quest For The Holy Rail – Who’s Counting Stairs?
A whole article about the art of launching yourself down handrails. Yep, it includes Brian Kachinsky. And yep, one of the photos is BK on the grouund…

Homage To Old School
Shad Johnson shreds an old, pink GT in a fullpipe and reminisces about the olden days.

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