We just got the new issue in yesterday and it has new look and feel that we think you will love.Oh yeah, it also has tons of great content and photos.

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We just got the new issue in yesterday and we couldn’t be more stoked. It has new look and feel that we know you will love. Oh yeah, it also has tons of great content and photos to boot.

On the Cover: Nathan Williams fires out a huge 20 stair over-grind death rail on the United trip in Alabama. Not too bad for a kid who just recently had an “Up And Comer” article on the site… Click here to read the interview.

– Departments –

Up Front:
We have a feature on the Fit & L-R-G collaboration bike, funny quotes that Fudger saves in his cell phone as he hears them, sponsor changes and injuries, a contest for a ton of Colony products, and more.

Hot new parts from Fit, Odyssey, Metal, Premium, True Bikeworks, Colony, Dragon, Orchid, Fox, Animal, and Zoo York…that’s a lot of products!

Pro Q&A – Seth Kimbrough:
Alabama, the good Lord, Facad, Ford Mustangs and more…our readers asked lots of good questions and Seth was happy to answer.

Product Tests:
Failure’s Grad 2 frame and Odyssey’s Lumberjack Bars both get good ratings from. Pick up the mag to see what our test pilots said about them.

Micreation owner and Nine To Five web developer breaks down DIY web design and development. Remember, you may be able to post photos on MySpace, but you still aren’t a web designer.

Eight of the best photos to hit the pages since the photo annual. Flatland from Poland, parks from Portland, street from NYC, and more…

James Dickens, A.K.A Big James came up and got some photos in the magazine.

Two messed up collarbones, a pissed off dude, a kid that just wants to ride and not tell us who he is, and another guy who wants to be like skateboarders. And of course, Fudger puts them all in their respective place.

Ten To End – Alistair Whitton:
He has a zip line from the top of his house to the backyard, jumps Ford Aspires for fun, attached poles to his bike for Stunt Junkies, and is marrying the daughter of Woodward. Damn.

– Features –

Kids Cheering, Trails Blazing, and Tranny Schralpin’ – Nine Days of Demos, Dirt, and Cement with the Fox Team:
Hopefully you remember our online coverage of the Fox Pedal To The Metal Tour… Well, Jeff Zielinski wrote a cool article about the trip from a different angle with some amazing photos from the trip.

Freestylin’ – Full Creative Control:
Harrison Boyce, Josh Clancy, and Jason Eichhorst were all given a spread in the magazine to create any kind of art they wanted. No banger riding photos, no road trip story…just art for the sake of creating something great to look at and read.

The $40,000 Jump-Over
A while back Gary Young fractured his skull after an over-grind (similar to Chester Blacksmith’s on the cover of the Buyer’s Guide issue) went terribly wrong. This is his story…kind of like MTV’s Scarred but in our magazine.

United By The South:
The heat and humidity of the South didn’t stop the United team from having an amazing time and producing some outstanding photos.

From Here to There – Sergio Layos:
Sergio grew up in Spain, rides for a New Zealand-based company, and spends most of his time in Texas. He breaks down the differences for us in case we never get the chance to experience them for ourselves.

Catching Up With Martti Kuoppa:
One huge, stellar flatland photo and ten questions to see what he has been up to since his last interview in Ride some six years ago.

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