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September’s Issue has finally arrived and if you’re a fan of interviews, you’re in luck; inside you’ll find six biggies, plus a bunch of other quality stuff. Check it out…

Ride BMX Magazine – Issue 136 – September 2007 – Kurt Rasmusson, Wall 180  credit: Jeff Zielinski

On the Cover: The Wall of Life has seen its fair share of sessions—most people choose to wallride it, others stall the top of it, and Kurt Rasmusson felt compelled to 180 over it!

– Departments –

Up Front:
The latest sponsor changes from big names and some up-and-comers, quotes worth hearing, the Disabled List—complete with details on nine injuries we all wish didn’t happen, and a couple dozen random happenings you should know about.

Pro Q&A — Chester Blacksmith:
Northwest, influences, red hair, swellbows, Wethepeople… Chester answers your questions.

A one-on-one interview with etnies’ Grounded’s Mike Manzoori, plus, video reviews of Make Moves, Goin’ For Broke, and Grounded.

Bangin’ new stuff from Standard, United, MacNeil, Nike 6.0, S&M, Odyssey, Premium, Alienation, and more.

Product Tests:
Fly’s 3 Amigo forks and Nike 6.0’s Zoom Encores get put through the ringer. One scored a nine, the other a ten. Check it out to see which got a perfect score.

Bike Test:
Redline’s Link 7.1. Great geometry, Pivotal Technology seat, durable cranks, tight wheels, and more.

John Heaton and J.J. Palmere throw down some street moves for you to see.

Another fine assortment of rant and rave followed by the always sour, yet sometimes sweet responses from Ryan Fudger.Ten To End — Stephen Hamilton
You never can get a straight answer out of this dude, but that’s all right. We still gave him a crack at it.

– Features –

Return of the P.K. Ripper
One of BMX’s coolest bikes from the 70’s is back in limited numbers. Check out this ultra hip DC SE collaboration.

This month’s meat and potatoes comes via half a dozen interviews. Read what Corey Bohan, Dakota Roche, Travis Collier, Kurt Rasmusson, Ian Munro, and Chad Kagy have to say about all things BMX, contests, injuries, video parts, life, and more. Good reads for sure.

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