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Ride BMX Magazine – Issue 135 – August 2007 – Chase Hawk, Gettin’ High  credit: Jeff Zielinski

On the cover:
Chase Hawk going way too high above the big stepup at Heath Pinter’s trails in Riverside, California. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

– Departments –

Up Front:
Beringer talks about his newest additions to his backyard—slide parts from a water park! Staff picks—what we are stoked on this month. Sponsor switch-ups—who is riding for who? Disabled list—who got sent this month and who is broke off. Scotty Cranmer gets interviewed about the shop he just bought. And of course, lots of fine print in a black column.

Pro Q&A – Eddie Cleveland:
You asked and he answered just as chill as ever.

22 riders list their top three albums of all time and six videos get reviewed.

Cranks, softgoods, sprockets, frames, seats and a complete—lots of new goods to get your pockets burning.

Product Tests:
The Ogio Monster Bag and Mutiny Hub Guard both get good reviews…read and you’ll see why.

Bike Test:
Sean Logan tests the Felt Fuse so you can see if it is the right bike for you.

Setups – Sean Burns’ Metal Blood Wolf:
A crazy custom paint job and a huge sprocket…this thing puts in work!

Private Property – Paxton’s:
More commonly known as Heath Pinter’s trails (as seen on the cover), this spot has seen a ton of heavy hitters in the last few months.

Steps – Nose Manuals With Dakota Roche:
Last month Dakota had a sequence doing an over-grind to nose manual and this month he explain how he does the second half of that trick.

Bio – Aaron Buckley:
Dave King fills you in on this Philly local.

Our loyal readers speak their minds.

Ten To End – Tony Hamlin:
The little guy from New York rounds out the issue with his ten.

– Features –

Local Knowledge With Mike Brennan:
This Jersey rider fills you in on the local knowledge of his home turf.

Dennis Enarson Interview:
One of the best 16-year-old riders ever is making a name for himself in a big way.

BMX Bros – It’s In Their Blood:
Kye and Leo Forte talk about each other—all good stuff, I’m sure…

Garrett Reynolds Interview:
Another young’n that rips. He loves hair metal too.

The Golden Ticket – Local Exposure Tour IV:
Hopefully you’ve seen our coverage of this tour on the site already… Allan Cooke, Will Stroud, Adam Banton, Ryan Nyquist, Mike Laird, Dave Dillewaard, Micah Kranz, Catfish, Domonic Travato, and Leif Valin all tell the story from their point of view.

No, No, No! – Wait, yes—go to China:
Ryan Fudger and Gary Young spend two weeks in China. Be jealous.

After Hours – Five Days’ Worth of Nocturnal Street Shredding:
It’s a different kind of contest. Kind of like Red Bull’s Mean Streets—but different.

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