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Ride BMX Magazine – Issue 134 – July 2007 – Ruben Alcantara, Epic Wallride  credit: Ryan Fudger

On the cover:
Ruben Alcantara goes where no man has gone before with one hell of an amazing wallride. You’ll have to wait until the new Etnies video drops to see the footage. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

– Departments –

Up Front:
Allan Cooke explains the Local Exposure Tour, Bobby Carter tells of his journey through Costa Rica for the fourth annual Ticos Flatland Jam, twelve riders are injured, one lucky winner got hooked up with an enormous Odyssey prize package, 2-Hip, ASPT Dew Tour, and Road Fools Rock Tour dates announced, Mat Hoffman picks his brain, Ride introduces our new videograper, Matt Beringer shows off his ultimate BMX vehicle, the Ride staff gives our top picks of the month, quoes from famous people and lots and lots of other fine print.

Chad Shackleford tells all about Nine to Five Films and six videos get reviewed.

Shoes, hubs, pegs, bars, sprockets and barends for you to browse. Plus the Mutiny X Shadow Conspiracy frame kit.

Product Test:
Steve Woodward puts a Volume Black Sheep to use and Jeff Zielinski tries out the new vegan-friendly Lotek kicks.

Pro Q & A – :
Corey Bohan takes time to answer your questions about US -vs- AU, pegs, favorite riders, flatland and more.

Setups – Corey Nastazio’s S&M Black Bike:
Corey wears sweatpants.

Sequences of Kelly Bolton, Dakota Roche, Nigel Sylvester, Larry Alvarado and Mike Aitken.

Bio – Tony Malouf:
Straight from Illinois, Tony has mad style and height and Kevin Porter tells you a little more about him.

Stunt Junkies, Shamco Industries, Not so Metro Jam and Iowa plus a photo of a bike on a bridge.

Ten to End – Justin Inman:
Northwest represent.

– Features –

Etnies Unveiled – A Few Bangers From Etnies’ “Grounded” Finally See the Light of Day:
We’ve been sitting on a lot of photos that where shot during the making of the new Etnies video. Now that the video is dropping, so are the photos… Morgan Wade, Ruben Alcantara and Josh Stricker bust big moves.

Opposite Parallels – The Journey From a Remote Village to the World’s Largest City—All in the Name of Flatland:
The story of the Red Bull 14 and Circle of Balance contests and Fat Tony’s first full-length article with photos in Ride, reaffirming his new nickname, Flat Tony.

Making of the Brand – The Levis Strauss Signature BMX Team:
Not really like a reality TV show like the title may suggest, this article is about Morgan Wade, Jamie Bestwick, Corey Martinez and Anthony Napolitan getting hooked up by LSS and hitting the road.

Two For Two:
Two photos, one spot—and the stories behind them. Sometimes you just can’t decide which one to use.

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