The annual Photo Issue is back and won’t let you down.It is chocked full of more than 45 pages of out-of-this-world BMX photography. Click inside to see what you can expect when this puppy hits your mailbox.

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On the cover:
Edwin De La Rosa does a bunnyhop truckdriver that is out of this world! That kid has mad pop! Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

– Departments –

Up Front:
Fuzzy talks about parting ways with Mongoose after 17 years on the team. Steve Crandall explains how not to be a pro. Plus: more sponsorship changes, giveaways, photo geeks, and what’s in Jeff Z’s trunk (it’s not junk, unfortunately).

Brian Castillo on Volume’s On The Clock. Glenn Milligan on Ride’s Flipside DVD. Ralph Sinisi on the free Animal Road Trip video. Plus two DVD reviews.

Twelve items that will make your pockets start to burn…

Product Test:
Matt Colisch rode a Mirraco Black Pearl complete and a Fit Chase Hawk frame and gave them both high ratings. You’ll have to read the articles to see why though… Oh yeah, and Fudger tested a Lotek Coast backpack.

Setups: Chester Blacksmith
A new and dialed wethepeople with plenty of cool components.

Straight Shoters – 9 questions with the 13 photographers who have a photo in the issue:
Three Ride staffers and ten others tell who influences them, what their favorite piece of equipment is and what the oddest thing in their camera bag is.

The time has come to end the mountain bike letters. And they end with a bang as we give a reader a Felt Sheriff frame.

Ten to End: Kevin Robinson
He says he used to be skinny. Not kidding, that’s really in there…

– Features –

Opposite Ends
Two photographers spend a day in two cities on opposite sides of the country. Keith Terra covers NYC and Ryan Fudger shoots San Fran.

Piecing Together LA
A collage type photo project by Jeff Zielinski.

The Photos
Only the best of the best (and the most unique) made it into this year’s photo issue. And there are lots of them—23 to be exact. Which is your favorite?

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