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Scotty Cranmer goes where no rider has gone before…  credit: Ryan Fudger

On the cover:
A wall, a bench, a barrel, three scrap pieces of wood, a mellow grass bank, and Scotty Cranmer doing an abubaca-to-frontflip. If we didn’t have the sequence, it’d be impossible… Photo by Ryan Fudger during the Road Fools Rock N’ Roll Tour.

– Departments –

Up Front:
Sponsor changes, a tribute to the late Jeremy Barcik, the Ghetto Am Jam, Nyquist talks about his downtime, a huge Odyssey giveaway, the Arby’s Action Sports Awards, four buses of BMX and of course the Ride editors’ staff picks.

Pro Q & A: Aaron Ross
Questions about Austin, pizza, tailwhips and haunting tricks. You asked them, he answered them.

Jimmy Levan lists 10 amazing and very influential bands, four videos are reviewed, and flatland’s Bobby Carter is interviewed about Diversion Video Magazine.

Private Property:
Darin Read and friend’s basement cement bowl. Yes, you read that right.

We’ve got a little bit of everything: a frame, bars, shoes, wheels, a stem, a bag plus more…

Product Test:
We tested the Diamondback Accomplice complete, the Mankind Archangel frame and the GSport Marmoset front hub. Are they for you?

Setups: Ruben Alcantara
This bike does a lot of crazy wallrides.

Sweet photos. No reading required.

Steps: Icepick Grinds:
E-Man locks into a long one for you.

Bio: Kelly Bolton
A Californian that is good. Real good.

An awesome drawing, a good photo and six thought-provoking questions from our readers. Well, they may not be thought-provoking but they are entertaining.

Ten to End: Shawn “Elf” Walters
We tried to give Elf an extra question but he politely declined.

– Features –

Bike From The Past: Torker’s “Haro Freestyler”
Jeff Tollefson rebuilt a classic. One day you’ll be old school too…

California Dreamin’
From Ohio to Los Angeles with Aaron Bostrom.

Road Fools Rock N’ Roll Tour
You’ve seen our online coverage of the trip, now see the best of the best including Scotty’s street frontflip sequence.

Autumn Sessions
A 14-page pictorial of Northeast trails. You’ll wish you had some…

OCGC: The Ogden City Ghetto Children
Tired of reading about the pros? Well this is a cool story about the working-class BMXers that ride for fun just like you. Just don’t write to us and complain that you weren’t in it…

Baco A-Go-Go Jam
10 Random facts (8 good, 2 bad) about the Florida contest.

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