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On the cover:
Three-time NORA Cup Dirt Jumping winner, Corey Bohan keeps it simple and stylish and lands the cover with a sweet one-handed table at Rick Lakin’s house in Riverside, California. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

– Departments –

Up Front:
Interbike 2006, Dew Tour final results, sponsor changes, a Sunday frame up for grabs and a sprinkle of news.

Pro Q & A: Vinnie Sammon
Questions on pegs, music NYC and more.

An interview with Bruce Crisman about the new Facad vide, a spotlight on Emerald Nation Zine and two video reviews.

Then & Now: Chad Degroot
From 12 to 32, Chad takes us through two decades of his life.

Bike Test:
Black Eye’s Pistola tested by Matt Colisch.

Frames, pedals, shoes, pads, shades, bag, spokes and even an amp. Plenty of goods to make your pockets burn.

Product Test:
Macneil’s Gary Young frame and Eastern’s Ti cranks.

Setups: Rob Wise
This machine goes backwards up handrails.

Steps: Tailwhips:
Dave Dillewaard shows you how to whip on dirt.

Oohhhh, pretty pictures. Lots of pretty pictures.

Bio: Darryl Tocco
Is this good timing for a bio on Darryl? Or is it Bad Timing? Muahahaha…

Probably the most honest, useful, informative edition of letters ever printed in Ride. Yeah, right…

Ten to End: Dave Freimuth
One day we’ll remember that the “I before E, except after C” rule doesn’t apply to Dave.

– Features –

Nora Cup 2006
The biggest, the baddest , the best.

By Invite Only
An inside look into the trails you dream about riding.

Long Story Short
See where BMX Has taken Ryan Worcester…and where he’s taken BMX.

Sunrise Session
Sometimes waking up early pays off.

Matt Beringer’s GNAR-BQ
A heavy riding and grilling session in Beringer’s backyard.

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