The newest issue just showed up at our office and is packed full of great stuff to start off your summer. The cover is really different from our typical covers, and the content is all over the place—literally; Australia, New Mexico, San Diego, New Jersey, Michigan, and more. Check out the list of contents, then wait by your mailbox for this one to come in. Not a subscriber? Then you’ll have to wait to pick it up on the newsstand on June 24th.

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Alistair Whitton fires a no-footed can-can into a huge ditch while on Shadow’s trip that is covered in the issue. Photo by Fudger.– DEPARTMENTS –

First Words:
You’ll probably get out of breath just reading Mulligan’s editorial column this month. But it may also get you fired up to get out there and do something during these great summer months…

Only time will tell what Superpark really turns out to be like this August at X Games 14…

Up Front:
The Sponsor Block, Disabled List, and Fine Print are in their typical place with lots of words, some bold, some normal…

Pro Q&A – Dave Mirra:
Mirra answered a ton of questions from our readers. Leaving questions in the comments on our site really helps this section of the magazine. You’ll be able to read the questions that didn’t make it on the site July 2nd.

Forks, pedals, frames, grips, tires, seats, sprockets, cranks, hubs, stems… We have you covered. Bike parts sure are colorful these days.

Shirts, backpacks, and hats from the great people who support this magazine like Fox, Nike 6.0, DC Shoes, UGP, Animal, Fit, United, S&M, Shadow, Vans, and more.

Pro Shop:
The shop closest to the Ride office makes an appearance in the magazine and has more products in stock that some mail order companies do.

OG BMX video guy Chris Rye gets interviewed and a few new videos get reviewed.

Some of the best BMX photography in the biz including Travis Collier, Chad Moore, Ratkid, Clint Reynolds, Tate Rosekelly, Kurtis Elwell, and Jesse Whaley.

Bio – Albie Bennett:
A wild one who rolls with Sean Burns and the Boston crew who would probably scare your grandmother.

The year is two-thousand-and-hate, what more can we say?

Ten To End – Anthony Napolitan:
Anthony called his friends for a little help with these questions.


The House Of Shadows
Fudger turns on the tape recorder with the Shadow Team after their trip to New Mexico. And Alistair Whitton talks a bunch of sh-t.

Key To The City
When a janitor of a SoCal school gets a key that opens all 171 schools in the county, you instantly have access to more amazing spots than you could probably ride in your lifetime. Here are some black and white photos that were shot with help from that little key that opens all those locks.

Summer Down Under
The Fly Bikes team recently spent some time in Oz, soaking up the sun and riding the spots. Kevin Porter writes his account, and Guiri came through with the colorful and scenic photos.

Pagin Dr. Pinzon
“Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to give up riding…” A quote from this rider who also happens to be a pediatrician.

Rolling Solo
There are those who can’t ride without a good friend, and those who tend to do their thing on their own. This article is about the latter and features Bob Scerbo, Brian Castillo, Justin Miller, Adam Baker, and Eli Platt.

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