What’s Inside Ride BMX Issue 184 – September 2012

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This month's issue of Ride BMX features some roads less traveled with the Redline team, a history piece on seven of today’s most popular tricks, a Dan Lacey interview, bangers from Empire’s Bad Idea, as well as Sean Ricany, Shane Weston, and more…

On The Cover:
Brandon Christie, Euro table in Provo, Utah, while on Redline’s Westbound and Broke Down trip. Photo: Keith Mulligan

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– Departments –

First Words
The captain of the ship, head honcho, Editor in Chief, Keith Mulligan, reflects over the contents of the issue and delivers some food for thought before you dive further in.

Danger literally lurks around every corner when Kert Petersel  is riding.

Up Front
Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print... if it happened in BMX, you’ll read about it here.

Pro Q&A: Sean Ricany
You guys sent in your question and Ricany delivers with topics ranging from the Incline Club, high school, traveling, being sponsored, learning tricks, and many other topics which are on the minds of teenage BMX riders today…

If your bike doesn’t have at least some of these dialed components then let’s face it, your ride is out of date.

Soft Goods
If you’re going to wear clothes, it might as well be some of these worthy threads from S&M, Stolen, Profile, Kink, Vans, Animal, Odyssey, Skavenger, and Fit.

Bob Scerbo’s favorite video is called Underachievers, but hard as he may try, he’s surely not one.

Everyone’s favorite section of the magazine, no words, just photos.

Bio: Jeff Martin
Contributor Devin Feil claims Jeff is “Connecticut's reigning rail king”--he’s lookin’ pretty dialed on our Bio page, so we’ll see…

You gotta appreciate the people who still take the time to write something, find a stamp, and walk to a mailbox. You keep sending them letters and Fudger will still have an outlet for his grumpy man humor that we all enjoy.

Finish: Shane Weston
Although you can’t rely on him to carry your second camera bag, he’s a big fan of barspins, Ian Schwartz, and the Lakers, so he’s all good in our book.

– Features –

Never-Ending Evolution
The history and pivotal moments of the 360, backflip, barspin, tailwhip, nose manual, toothpick, and half-Cab. History buffs rejoice!

Dan Lacey Interview
Honest, opinionated, and insanely good at riding a bike, this is one interview you don’t want to miss, trust us, bruv.

A Bad Idea?
It certainly wasn’t. Empire’s Tom Williams and Dave Parrick talk everything about the video while Tom Dugan and Tom Smith supply the bangers.

Westbound and Broke Down
Redline’s Brandon Dosch, Josh Hult, Brandon Christie, Zack Gerber, Tyler Fernengel, and Glenn Salyers shred ‘crete and dirt through Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and California.

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