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This month's issue of Ride BMX features an epic interview with the elusive Ty Morrow, the Odyssey team in Palm Springs, a Louisville scene report, as well as Ben Hucke, Pat Casey, and more…

On The Cover: Clear the rail, absorb the drop, and avoid the two giant blocks on the landing—as if Ty Morrow's 360 isn't wild enough already, deciding to do it at night with the lights makes it even better. Photo: Jeff Zielinski

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On Newsstands: April 10, 2012

– Departments –

First Words
Editor in Chief Keith Mulligan touches upon the features in this issue and leaves you with some great insight, as always.

Dennis Enarson, Ronnie Napolitan, Billy Macpherson, Christian Rigal, and Bobbie Altiser play human Drano (Built To Shred style) with a giant wooden bowl contraption. You just have to see it for yourself.

Up Front
Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print…it’s always a great issue when there’s more news in the Sponsor Block then the Injured List!

Pro Q&A: Ben Hucke
Our readers come through with some hard hitting questions and Ben fires back with some well thought out answers.

Frames, bars, cranks, stems, pegs, and more. Lots of new hard goods just waiting for you to get your greasy hands on.

Soft Goods
Some of the finest fashion forward threads from Fox, Profile, Operativ, Kink, Shadow, S&M, Vans, Stolen, Animal, Fit, and Etnies.

No stranger to putting out stellar video parts in his own right, Nigel Sylvester lists his top five favorite video parts of all time. And we cover three new DVDs; Goods Shred Boner, Fit’s Fit Trippin’ 3, and Word’s Third Word.

Troy Merkle, Matt Beringer, Kert Petersel, Lahsaan Kobza, Tony Neyer, James Foster, David Grant, and Mike Mastroni all grace the pages of this issue’s Focus section.

Bio: Dom Biro
If Mike Brennan can vouch for you, then you’re alright in our book. New Jersey shredder Dom Biro has been killing it behind the scenes for years, but it looks like that is about to change.

Ryan Fudger continues to answer your letters in his signature witty and sometimes crass style that we all know and love.

Finish: Pat Casey
Escalating ramps, slurping cereal,and insane jumping tricks are a few of the things covered with Pat’s Finish.

– Features –

Odyssey In Palm Spring
All 16 riders on the Odyssey pro team spend a week in the desert oasis known as Palm Springs, California. Who would’ve thought such a small desert town (and the surrounding area) could offer up so much to ride?

Louisville Scene Report
There’s far more going on in Louisville than a giant skatepark with a fullpipe—and Ride contributors Devon Denham and Derek Fetco help enlighten us.

Ty Morrow Interview
Any time you see something from Ty Morrow it’s a treat—even if it’s just a little glimpse. Well, we’ve got 13 pages of pure fire with him.

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