What’s Inside Ride BMX Issue 178 – December, 2011

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This month’s issue of Ride BMX features interviews with all of the 2011 NORA Cup winners; wild and crazy stories from Kachinsky, Neyer, Hoder, and Alcantara; the Fly Bikes team in California; Mirra and Deegan’s boxing match; Chad Johnston; Jeremiah Smith; and more...

On The Cover: After a long day of trying to ride and shoot photos during their week in California without much luck, we made a last-ditch attempt to get something done at this spot. After driving for 45 minutes to get to this spot, Sergio Layos didn’t have the luxury for warming up for this tailwhip before the sun went down. But as you can see, all of our efforts paid off in the end. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

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– Departments –

First Words
Editor In Chief Keith Mulligan reflects back on one of the biggest nights in BMX all year--the 15th annual NORA Cup party that is featured in this issue, complete with interviews with all the winners.

We take a look at a dope setup at a playground and compare humans to bears. Huh? Yeah, it actually does kind of make sense once you read it...

Up Front
Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print...the month’s news in a nutshell. This month we also threw in a quick interview with Dave Mirra about his boxing match with pro MX rider Brian Deegan.

Pro Q&A – Jeremiah Smith
Jeremiah Smith took time out while he was down with a broken foot to answer your questions about sponsors, riding brakeless, riding in contests, learning tricks, life goals, tattoos, and of course, being a redhead.

New frames, forks, bars, hubs, grips, stems, seats, sprockets, and more...Fresh parts that you’ll soon be jotting down on your holiday wish list.

Soft Goods
A grip of new apparel from Fox, Fit, S&M, Shadow, Animal, and more.

Miles Rogoish and James Cox are two filmers in BMX with very different styles so we got them both to answer the same questions about how they get it done.

Pro Shop – Ramp Rats
Shop owner and iconic NorCal rider Mike Krnaich talks about his bike shop and skatepark that has been a part of the scene for nearly a decade.

Glimpse – 2011 NORA Cup
Two pages of behind-the-scenes shots and party photos from this year’s NORA Cup Awards.

Some of the month’s best action photos ready for you to stare at them for hours on end. Riders include Josh Harrington, Codie Larsen, and Russ Barone.

Bio – Kelsy Hoog
At just 15 years old this Colorado local is young, talented, and fun to be around...

Aaron Bostrom helps give some ramp-building advice, another grom asks for shirts and stickers, and Fudger gets his first compliment ever. In his whole life. By anyone. Pigs must be flying somewhere...

Finish – Chad Johnston
One of just a few in the world of his kind, Chad Johnston is a pegless flatland rider, and this month he fills in some blanks to finish off the issue for us.

– Features –

15th Annual Ride BMX NORA Cup Awards
Interviews with all of the winners of the 2011 NORA Cup awards including Dennis Enarson, Garrett Reynolds, Chris Doyle, Moto Sasaki, Marc Willers, and Stew Johnson.

Nonfiction Freestyle – True Life Stories From Five Unsuspecting Pros
Ruben Alcantara, Mike Hoder, Brian Kachinsky, Tom White, and Tony Neyer tell random stories from their lives that were all brought upon them thanks to this little thing we call BMX.

The Californication Of Flybikes
Fly Bikes riders Sergio Layos, Chris Finnigan, Stefan Lantschner, Shane Weston, and Kevin Porter travel off the beaten path of Cali’s blown out spots for some good times on their bikes at some lesser-seen setups.

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