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This month’s issue features a Shadow trip to Russia, a quest for perfect rails with the Odyssey crew, a Portland Scene report, Ruben Alcantara and Tom Dugan interviews, new products, lots of dope photos, and plenty more.


Ride BMX Magazine - Issue 177 - November 2011 - Gary Young

On The Cover: Riding your bike on a roof always feels sketchy. You’re high off the ground, easier to see, and knowing there’s never any reason why you should be on a roof with a bike makes it pretty nerve-racking—especially at night. However, when said roof has a perfect runway with a gap to an L-rail off the end, even Gary Young can’t pass that up. So out comes the generator, up go the lights, and off the roof goes Gary. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

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– Departments –

First Words
This month Associate Editor Ryan Fudger chimes in with a photo that didn’t make it into his Shadow trip article from Russia.

Unsuspecting train passengers in Italy are oblivious to the flatland riding that’s going on right outside the window.

Up Front
Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print…the month’s news in a nutshell.

Pro Q&A: Tom Dugan
Tommy Jet answers all your questions about Dr. Pepper, riding naked, leaving T-1 for Fit, blasting huge airs, and more.

New Products
Frames, hubs, bars, stems, seats, grips, and more.

Soft Goods
Fresh threads from some of your favorite companies like Animal, Subrosa, Etnies, Kink, and more.

Dennis McCoy talks tunes, Jason Enns lists his favorite video parts, and the “Life After Death” DVD gets a review.

Pro Shop – The Port Jefferson Bike Dr.
Long Island, New York, has always had a great BMX scene, and their newest shop is helping to keep it rolling.

Brian Hunt, Ben Lewis, Marcas Grubbs, Jason Phelan, Pete Brandt, Hucker Clark, Bryan Olivas, and Nathan Williams all get some shine time this month in our Focus section.

Bio: Dan Bob
You know you are packing some heat when guys like Dave Belcher vouch for your skills in the streets.

The letter of the month received a Kink stem and a proposal that he won’t be able to refuse for a potential cover shot.

Finish: Ruben Alcantara
Ruben Alcantara fills in some blanks for us to cap off the issue. Topics include Malaga, Austin, coffee, tricks, video parts, and more.

– Features –

The Portland Scene: Stumptown’s Finest
Portland, Oregon, is one hell of a scene and has been for years. Resident icons Chester Blacksmith and Shad Johnson help break it down for us with tons of wild photos of the locals.

Soviet Tour: The Shadow Conspiracy Takes A Giant Swig Of Moscow, Russia
It was no easy task getting there, but once the Shadow crew finally got inside the Russian border they had an awesome time, built up a lifetime of memories, and got sh*t done on their bikes.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow: A Handrail Odyssey to Los Alamos, New Mexico
A handful of Odyssey riders jumped in a van for a few days of searching out perfect rail setups in a small, unsuspecting mountain town in the middle of nowhere. The result, of course, was a lot of insane riding.

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