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Ride BMX Issue 168 - November 2010 - Luke Parslow

On The Cover: Luke Parslow’s backyard isn’t for the chill trail rider looking for a relaxed session. Steep-and-deep describes the contest-style jumps well, but still doesn’t do it much justice. The monster jumps are serious and made for throwin’ down big variations, but as you can see by this 360 invert, Luke can also bring style to the moves whenever he wants. Photo by Keith Mulligan.

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On Newsstands: October 26, 2010

– Departments –

First Words
“One captured moment can speak volumes…” Editor in Chief Keith Mulligan touches upon what photos mean to him as we dive into this image-heavy issue of the magazine.

Following in the footsteps of one BMX’s greats (Ruben Alcantara), Dakota Roche is helping change the game.

Up Front
Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print…the month’s news in a nutshell.

Pro Q&A – Anthony Napolitan
From the basics like when he started riding and what his favorite tricks are, to the type of chicks he’s into and which video games he plays, you guys asked him, and Anthony delivered.

New Products
New frames, forks, bars, cranks, and more from some of your favorite companies like Fly Bikes, S&M, Fit, Stolen, and others.

Soft Goods
T-shirts, hats, hoodies, jackets, shorts, and backpacks…enough soft goods to make your wallet burn a hole in your pocket.

Sean Burns puts his iPod on shuffle and lists the first 10 songs that play, then four DVDs get reviewed including The Make’s and Kink’s new releases.

How-To 360 With Brian Foster
If there is any trails rider out there you’d want to learn stylish 360s from, it’s probably the Blue Falcon. Read up and learn some helpful tips from a master…

This month we have a special Focus section that is 14 pages long and chock full of action and lifestyle shots. A big photo special is probably long overdue, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Street, ramps, and flatland…it’s all in there.

Bio – Bazsi Ivanfi
The wild Hungarian rider known best for his crazy cross-footed 180 flips over spines scores his first photo in the magazine along with a quick interview for this month’s Bio.

This month’s letters include a kid who took a digger to the head, a guy who loves trails, and a Canadian…and of course Ryan Fudger being a smartass.

Finish – Brandon Dosch
Bet you didn’t know B-Dosch has a robot named Robie that eats his change…Brandon finishes off the magazine with this interesting tidbit and more in response to our barrage of random questions.


– Features –

Dark Days – Going Nocturnal With The Subrosa Team…

Miles Rogoish, Ryan Sher, Hoang Tran, Seamus McKeon, and Scott Ditchburn turned night into day on a recent trip to North Carolina and came back with a healthy dose of nocturnal bangers.

Andy Buckworth – The Dingo From Down Under
One of the hot up-and-comers from Australia on the international contest scene is making a big name for himself. Fresh off of winning an X Games gold medal, Dingo lands a solid interview along with a handful of awesome photos.

Stack ‘Em High – Built To Shred Gets Free Reign Of A Pallet Factory
Pallets have been a BMX staple at DIY spots for as long as anyone can remember, but when Corey Martinez and Dennis Enarson, were let loose in an entire factory of pallets, things got a bit wild.

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