This month’s issue features a full interview with San Diego’s Dennis Enarson, a Deadline road trip, a look into Flatland’s future, a Nashville scene report, Nigel Sylvester, Brian Hinkle, Tom Dugan, and more…

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Ride BMX Magazine Issue 166 - September 2010 - Dennis Enarson; Truckdriver

Ride BMX Magazine Issue 166 - September 2010 - Dennis Enarson; Truckdriver

On The Cover: Containers overlooking steep banks are Dennis Enarson’s forte. Casual bar, casual whip, and casual three all went down before the camera even turned on. Truckdriver of perfection in San Diego… Photo by Ryan Fudger.

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– Departments –
First Words

Editor In Chief Keith Mulligan sheds a bit of light on Dennis Enarson’s interview.

Kevin Kalkoff finds a fun setup in Chicago under cover while it’s raining out.

Up Front
The usuals… Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print.

Pro Q&A: Nigel Sylvester
“I'm so used to hate that I'm starting to embrace it.” -Nigel Sylvester
This and more when Nigel answers the questions you asked right here on

The latest forks, bars, sprockets, tires, and more from companies you love.

Soft Goods
They are soft, and they are good… And they are soft goods. Fresh threads from Osiris, Kink, Vans, Shadow, and more.

Four DVD reviews and a list of Van Homan’s top-five video parts of all time.

Randy Brown, Broc Raiford, Brian Foster, Dave Thompson, and a few others get some shine time.

Bio: Brian Hinkel
This kid dropped in from the Louisville, Kentucky full pipe. Enough said. (You’ll have to see the photo to fully understand…)

A few letters and a badass drawing, too.

Finish: Tom Dugan
Did you know that Dang Dang would throw up if he heard the sound of paper rubbing on carpet? Yeah, that’s what we are here for.

– Features –
Not A Complaint In The World… The Dennis Enarson Interview

“The only thing more impressive than his riding is his everyday attitude…” -Ryan Fudger

Flat Forward – Charting The Course Of Flatland’s Future
Six riders with completely different styles, attitudes, and ideas shed some light on where they see the future of their sport heading. Gabe Kadmiri, Viki Gomez, Chad Johnston, Pete Brandt, Erico Melo, and Travis Collier speak their mind.

Keep Your Eyes Open – Creative Riding Both On And Off The Bike
Not all people look at things the same, and guys like Kevin Porter, Cameron Wood, and Tate Roskelley often perceive things a bit different than most.

Deadline In Atlanta
Follow Garrett Reynolds’ Deadline crew through the South as they travel around filming for their upcoming DVD.

BMX, Banjoes, & Bibles: The Nashville, Tennessee, Scene
Nashville is an unsuspecting hot bed of BMX talent, so local photographer Andrew White caught up with a bunch of the regulars including Nathan Williams and Alex Magallan to help show what their scene is all about.

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