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Ride BMX Magazine - Issue 162 - March/April 2010 - Mike Brennan

Ride BMX Magazine - Issue 162 - March/April 2010 - Mike Brennan

On The Cover: When we got to this spot, Mike Brennan said, “Sometimes spots you’ve seen since you were younger are the scariest. The first time I saw this spot was almost ten years ago.” Ten years in the making, and five tries later, Mike’s rail-to-monster drop “got done.” Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

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– Departments –

First Words
Editor In Chief Keith Mulligan talks about the risks we face every day while street riding and reflects back on a few of his more memorable encounters with “the man.”

Ryan Fudger was at the wrong place at the right time, and somehow managed to get a great photo and story out of it. The United guys and their video camera weren’t so lucky…

Up Front
Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print all condensed down to the meat of it all.

Pro Q&A: Mike “Hucker” Clark
A grip of your questions made it from the Web site to the magazine and Hucker answered the best ones including ones about his incredible 360s, cougars, injuries, and toy helicopters.

New Products
It’s like we are a kid in a candy store when we look at these pages every month. Except the products don’t taste nearly as good as Mike And Ike. Wheels, frames, forks, seats, bars, cranks, and more…all new, all good.

Soft Goods
Fox, Animal, Kink, FBM, and Pro-Tec all stepped up this month with some fresh gear to kick off the New Year.

This month we take a look at four DVDs including releases from The Take, Eastern, Four Down Distribution, and Bad Breaks. We also check out what Kyle Hart is listening to on his iPod.

How-To: Icepick Grinds With Nathan Williams
One of the best in the business at this trick gives you some pointers on how he gets ’em done and locks in a crazy one for a banger photo to go along with the explanation.

Seven pages of wild photos.

Bio: Andrew Fox

Andrew calls Aurora, Illinois, home and runs an old-school setup. But if Zack Warden can vouch for him, he’s probably one helluva guy…

Demolition gave out some prizes to this month’s letter writers and Fudger calls someone retarded! Weeee!

Finish: Butcher

Butcher finishes our sentences about everything from Pennsylvania to being in a video game to his worst habits.

– Features –

Range Of Motion – Part III: SoCal Street
Our third and final Range Of Motion trip article has surfaced, and it’s one you don’t want to miss. All eight riders killed it, and if you haven’t seen the video yet, this article will probably make you want to go buy it. (Shameless plug?)

OD All Day – Mike Brennan Interview
From New Jersey to Los Angeles Mike threw down some serious moves for his first feature interview in the mag, and to help get the best interview we could, a handful of Mike’s closest friends helped ask the questions.

Donut Shop Tales, Dark Basements, and Near-Death Experiences – Stories From Biz, Jason Enns, And Rooftop
After going on a trip and spending a lot of time in a van with these three guys it was obvious that they had plenty of stories to tell…weird, interesting, and funny stories.

Brian Kachinsky’s Felony Wallride
A cool sculpture setup on a college campus sent one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet straight to the slammer. Felony charges and jail time for a wallride? Kachinsky explains…

2X4: Escape From Jersey – A Southern Migration With A Heavy Hittin’ Crew
Van Homan gives his candid thoughts about each rider on the trip after getting to know them all in the confines of a road trip van during a winter trip.