The latest issue of Ride was just delivered to our office and we are psyched to show you guys our in depth look at this year’s NORA Cup winners along with everything that went on during the second filming trip for Range Of Motion; plus a whole lot more…

Ride BMX Magazine Issue 161 - January/February 2010

On The Cover: The consensus of the Range Of Motion crew after two days of riding Catty? That they’re the best trails in the world. And contraptions like this pocket air transfer only added to the fun—Sergio Layos enjoys the day with a downside whip. Photo by Ryan Fudger.

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November 26, 2009
On Newsstands: December 15, 2009

– Departments –

First Words
Naturally, with our NORA Cup issue the first words are about the amazing night everyone had in Vegas during the biggest BMX party of the year. But this year it was even more special than ever for a lot of people…

Scotty Cranmer’s home isn’t exactly your normal suburban New Jersey house… A ramp cave?

Up Front

Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print have been shaved down to a single page, but still pack a mean punch.

Pro Q&A – Sean Burns
“I believe if we film another Metal video I have to top the Dead Bang part, or there is no reason to even film a part for it.” Sean Burns says this and a bunch of other stuff to our readers who asked the questions.

Seats, cranks, sprockets, forks, bars, headsets, frames, and more…

Soft Goods
It’s cooling down, so in addition to the T-shirts and hats we show you plenty of new outerwear this month.

Six new videos have dropped since our last issue so with the help of these reviews you’ll have plenty of options when the snow keeps you from riding outside this winter.

How-To Wallride With Gary Young
When it comes to mastering the basics, there is no better person to help you learn than Gary Young. Of course you don’t have to go as fast and high as him at first, and the tabletop is optional.

Bio – Alex Magallan

Sunday’s Nashville shredder has been flying under the radar for years and has finally started to surface in magazines and videos. It’s about damn time…the kid is too good.

One of the strangest letters from a female we have ever received made it to the pages of the magazine this month, and once again Ryan Fudger makes us chuckle with his snappy responses. Ahh… Humor…

Finish – Zack Warden
St. Louis, Missouri native Zack Warden finishes off our barrage of fill-in-the-blanks to seal up this issue.

– Features –

NORA Cup 2009
Why did these riders all leave Vegas this year with BMX’s most prestigious award? Glad you asked… As a matter of fact, we give you the answer in this very article.

John Heaton was on a mission to reclaim a failed gap attempt you may have seen in the Primo video Nice Try. Well, mission accomplished, and it is absolutely outrageous.

Get Used To It, Japan – Japan Barely Survives Ten Days With The Subrosa Team…
Ryan Sher, Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, and Vince Kroff all spent nearly two weeks traveling around Japan and came back with some wild photos and even wilder numbers as Ryan Fudger breaks ’em down.

Aggro Album

We raided the personal scrapbooks of a few pioneers of freestyle BMX and the outcome was this ultra-rad flashback to the early days of ramp, flat, and street riding.

Range Of Motion – Round II: Flirtin’ With Dirt
The second filming trip for our new Range Of Motion DVD took Tony Hamlin, Sergio Layos, Dennis Enarson, Dave Dillewaard, Adam Baker, Hucker Clark, Luke Parslow, and Cory Nastazio on a journey to some of the best trails spots in the country. Here’s what went down…