Another action-packed issue just showed up at our office and we are excited to let you know what to expect this month. Allan Cooke graces the cover, Tony Neyer gets a full interview, the Animal team explores the Rust Belt, and more…

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On The Cover: Five pallets and four flipped over trash cans were used to construct this bridge to tranny mecca. Although it wasn’t wide, but all too shaky, Allan Cooke had no problem flickin’ the bars a few times one quiet Sunday. Photo: Ryan Fudger

– Departments –

First Words
Editor in Chief Keith Mulligan kicks off this issue with a little intro to this month’s features including a little insight into how Tony Neyer’s interview all came together.

If you’ve traveled with your bike and taken enough road trips, this is a very familiar sight that brings back lots and lots of memories…it’s the epitome of a BMX house.

Up Front
Sponsor Block, Injured List, Fine Print, and What’s On are all in their usual location providing you with a printed time capsule of what’s going on in today’s BMX world so you can look back and reminisce years from now.

Pro Q&A – Dennis Enarson
At just 18 years old Dennis Enarson is a big man in BMX and this month he answered a slew of questions that you guys asked right here on Questions range from his friendship with Mike Spinner to progressing on his bike.

Looking at these product pages is like walking into a candy store. Albeit a very expensive and not-so-tasty candy store, but you get what I’m saying… This month we feature a few new frames, bars, hubs stems, seats, and more.

Soft Goods
Fox, Nike 6.0, Animal, Vans, S&M, Shadow, Sunday, Subrosa, and Profile all have new apparel and footwear to show off this month. Find a style you like and hit up your local shop to get some fresh threads.

Four new videos and the Vans Off The Wall Book get reviewed.

Pro Shop -Hardore Sportz
This one may be long overdo… Pro rider Karl Poynter and his brother Kyle talk about their BMX shop in New Castle, Indiana.

Seven pages of awesome BMX action photography from the likes of Jason Enns, Shane Rieder, Matt Wilhelm, Dirt Ron, and more including street, flatland, and dirt.

Bio – Roman Tencza
Even though his last name is difficult to pronounce, it’s easy to see that this Newcastle, Colorado local has good moves and good style. Ryan Barrett vouches for him and we ask Roman a few questions to get to know him a little better.

Ryan Fudger starts off the letters section this month with the following disclaimer: “Leaving Keith insanely angry, screaming, cussing voicemails about my offensive letter responses will not make me any nicer… Welcome to the letters.”

Finish – Jason Enns
Jason has been in the BMX game for a long time and this month he finishes off the issue with a handful of fill in the blanks.

– Features –

Cheating Death – The Tony Neyer Interview
Tony’s interview starts off with one of the scariest crash sequences we’ve ever run in the magazine. That not enough for you? Well, then it continues with a handful of awesome street moves and some great candid insight as to who Tony really is. A must-read for everyone.

Welcome To The Snake Pit – Ride At Your Own Risk

An abandoned neighborhood in a sketchy part of Cincinnati, Ohio, makes for some good riding spots and even better photos.

Exploring The Rust Belt – The Animal Road Trip
Moving away from Cincinnati, there are still more sketchy places to be ridden in the Northeast and the Animal team takes us there and throws down lots of moves in the process.