A Sean Sexton interview, a look at Primo’s new DVD, an  old-school reunion, and a whole lot more… Check out what’s inside issue 156!

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On the cover: Great spot, terrible location, Manuel “Eman” Cantero dodges speeding SUVs with this gap-to-grind-to-hop-over into a busy on-ramp to the 101 North in Hollywood, California. Photo: Jeff Zielinski.

– Departments –

First Words
We had a lot of fun this month and Editor In Chief Keith Mulligan attempts to explain.

Legends never die and old-school is cool…and so is this photo of a hundred 30+ riders gathered at Woodward West for the first annual Old-School Reunion.

Up Front
You know ’em, you love ’em… Sponsor Block, Disabled List, Fine Print, and What’s On Ridebmx.com are all right where they belong.

Pro Q&A – Brad Simms

In between his worldly travels Brad found time to answer a few dozen questions from our readers. Is your question in there? And does Brad Simms really eat weights?

Pieces of metal formed in such a way that they allow you to not only get from point A to point B, but do tricks in the process. Amazing. These are the frames, forks, bars, stems, sprockets, pedals, and other products that make your bike work.

Soft Goods
Seasons change, styles change, and as the weather warms up what you wear on a daily basis changes. Here is a grip of new softgoods that will make you wish you had actually saved some of your allowance money.

James Cox speaks about the progress of the United DVD that is in the works. We also review “It Do,” “Roll Wit Us,” and a more grammatically correct video, “The Emerald Video.”

Pro Shop – Morning Ride BMX
Jon Bocan recently opened this shop in Lake Forest, California featuring a boutique-style atmosphere, a good selection, and even an indoor ramp setup.


Chris Arriaga and James Cox both score full pagers just for the sake of running a good photo.

Bio – Adrian Vigil
Colorado’s Adrian Vigil’s last trick he learned was a flip fakie. Want to know more about Adrian? We have you covered.

Letters from a human thesaurus, a complaining kid, and an inmate…It takes all kinds.

Finish – Ian Schwartz

The freecoaster master from Ohio fills in some blanks and smiles in the sun.

– Features –

Livin’ In The Moment – The Sean Sexton Interview
The Arizona native turned Austin, Texas resident has made his mark on street riding in recent years and we caught up with him in both of his hometowns to document his riding and get a better look into his life.

No Tomorrow… Doom, Gloom, & BMX
A bit of gloomy text accompanies these unusual photos of Brett Walker and Eric Cuiper riding a few scrapped together setups in a sketchy part of Los Angeles.

Heroes And Madmen – The First Annual Old-School Reunion
40 up close and personal faces from the crowd and a story from the man who put it all together. You’ve seen the videos on the Internet, now get a whole new perspective of the 200 old-schoolers who got together for a full day of BMX in its truest form.

Homage To The BMX Bike

For what is hopefully the last time, Ryan Fudger lets out his feelings towards using the right tools for the right job in this article featuring flairs on a beach cruiser and dirt jumps on a commuter bike. Huh? You’ll have to read it to fully understand.

Nice Try! – A Behind The LCD Screen Look At Primo’s New Video
Seeing a video is awesome, but this is a magazine and it is really hard to put video clips on paper. So we did what you’d expect us to do and delivered a healthy dose of the action that went down while filming the video in still frame form.