This month we have a Chase Dehart interview, nine wild sequences that will either make your jaw drop or your body cringe, an experiment with a warehouse full of ramps and a handful of Odyssey riders, and a whole lot more. Keep reading for the issue’s full contents.

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On The Cover: Mike “Hucker” Clark hitting the overhang out at the quarter to wallride in a SoCal ditch. Photo by Fudger.

– Departments –

First Words
Keith Mulligan has been in the BMX world for a long time. A really long time, in fact. But every day he’s still amazed at what people are doing on bicycles and he is stoked that he gets to watch the progression of our sport.

What does the sign at your trails say?

Up Front
More than a handful of sponsor changes took place last month and enough Fine Print news filtered through our inboxes and RSS feeds to fill about ten columns of text. And unfortunately there were a few injuries, too. We keep you informed so you can look back years from now and know what was going on early in ’09.

Pro Q&A
Last year’s NORA Cup winner for the ramps category, Daniel Dhers, answered a slew of questions from our readers on the site, including topics ranging from being a ladies man, fighting Mike Spinner, training, and more. Daniel is much more down-to-earth than you may imagine, so give this one a good read and give respect where respect is due. Daniel rules.

Frames, grips, wheels, tires, pedals, stems, bars, and more… 32 new products laid out so you can decide what your next trip to the bike shop may produce.

Fox, Fit, DC, S&M, Animal, Vans, Shadow, and Nike 6.0 all have new apparel, accessories, and shoes so you don’t have to keep looking like a bum.

Four DVDs get reviewed and a few pro riders land in the pages of a muscle car coffee table book.

Pro Shop
Staff BMX is nestled inside the Incline Club skatepark in Lakewood, New Jersey, but most people never see the place due to their excellent mail order shop. In case you never make it there, we shot photos of the shop and interviewed Staff owner Bobb Pratt about his business.

Bio – Lil’ Jon
Milwaukee’s Lil’ Jon can be seen all around the world riding in cutoff jeans and sunglasses as he blazes around with speed and style. We asked Jon a series of short questions so the next time you see him in a Web video you can say, “Hey, I know that guy…he’s the one who likes Naked Juice!”

From requesting interviews with obscure riders to the most basic beginner questions about BMX and building trails, our readers never cease to amaze us with the letters they send in.

Finish – Diogo Canina
Brazil’s all-around rider and comedian fills in a handful of blanks like “I beat Ryan Guettler at…”

– Features –

Modest Influence – Chase Dehart Interview

The quiet East Coaster threw down big moves for his debut interview in Ride and produced a lengthy interview to give our readers a look at what makes this modest influence tick.

43 & Still Shredding – Ron Wilkerson’s Birthday Jam
Ron W. recently turned 43 and had a huge celebration at Woodward West where he managed to lay down a ten-foot table out of the vert ramp. How many “over the hill” riders can say they’ve done that?

Motor Drive
From Steve-O Croteau attempting to 360 down the infamous El Toro 20-set to wild gaps from Gary Young and Garrett Reynolds, we have nine wild sequences that will leave you scratching your head in amazement and awe.

On Any Give Day – Tribute To The Designated Drives
There’s a rider in every crew that ends up being the go-to guy when everyone needs to get to the spot, so this one goes out to them—the sacrificers of the sedan.

Ramp Resurrection – Dusting The Cobwebs Off Sold Old Ramps

X Games stores their ramps in a warehouse near Los Angeles all year long. The mangled pile of ramp pieces is overwhelming to say the least, but Taj Mihelich, Gary Young, Matt Beringer, and a few others had no problem directing a forklift driver around and puzzle-piecing the parts together to make interesting obstacles and even more interesting photos.